TV Fanatic Mid-Season Report Card: 90210 12/15/2010

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With most prime time shows on hiatus, TV Fanatic is taking a look back at some buzzed-about programs and grading their performance this fall, with a look toward 2011. First up: Private Practice.

In this edition: 90210.

Best episode: "Catch Me If You Canon." Silver and Naomi tried to trap Mr. Canon this week, only for him to turn the tables and stick a therapist on the former. It was a twist I didn't see coming.

Boys Go Surfing

Best character: Naomi. Even when suffering through a miserable experience, the character throws out the occasional one-liner and has clearly evolved over the years. She's far from the one-note pompous rich girl we met on season one.

Worst character: Annie. In case Jasper didn't ruin her forever, the show made sure to bury this high schooler with incomprehensibly boring storylines that involve egg donation and a relationship with Charlie.

Most misused character: Dixon. Remember him? Funny, outgoing dude? Annie's adopted brother? He hasn't done much of anything.

Best storyline: The illegal activity of Navid's father. First, it was fresh. Seriously, how many other shows can you think of that have given us an underage porn star storyline? Second, it planted the seeds of what will clearly be a major development on the second half of the season: Navid and Silver as a couple.

Hopes for 2011: Drama between the friends. I'm sick of everyone getting along so well. It never feels natural to see the guys all shooting pool and the girls lying together on the beach. We need some real tension between these students.

Also: more of Liam shirtless; less of Adrianna as a cartoonish, fame-obsessed celebrity and more of her as a layered individual truly attempting to balance her dreams with her life at home; continued respect paid to Teddy and his self-realization; an Adrianna sex tape scandal.

Overall grade: C.

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I would love an Adrianna sex scandal I think that would give the show a bit more spice. I think Annie is a bit boring this season but I personally like it after the whole crazy Annie last season with Jasper and the killing of that guy. I personally think she is one of my favorite characters other than Naomi


THIS SEASON SHOULD HAVE BEEN SO DIFFERENT. Silver should have re-fallen in love with Dixon. I thought there was a chance for Ixon after episode 3, but Ivy has her own mommy-drama these days. Dixon should have shown up at Silver's door instead of Navid. Also, Navid should had seen Teddy and Ian kissing, mostly because he was one of the first people who were really involved in Teddy's character introduction last season. Plus, Adrianna shouldn't be a stupid diva now, she should be the innocent girl discovering her career just like she was the last episodes of season 2. If that would've happened then Navid and Adrianna would be a happy couple!!!! Please!! they were broke like all last season and in the finale they FINALY got together!!!! After like 15 episodes!!!! And it only took a few weeks to the writters to make them troubled again??? WHAT? I like Liam and Annie together, but they weren't so explored this mid-season...Liam's work should've been related with Annie and Charlie... that way Liam and Annie would have get more screen time togeher.


I would give the grade as a B-. So agree on Annie most boring character on the show. I actually don't mind Adrianna's diva act it makes for some laughs. Also I believe they are doing a great job on Teddy's story line.


well season 2 was the epitome of boredom mean LOVE blah! blah! n' annie was sooooooooooooo invisible n piece ov advice liam shud act without a shirt


I still don't get why 90210 is determined to have a gay character...teddy storyline is botched & not well put together...seems like some write is trying to satisfy GLAAD? That was totally random...The only show I respect...that at least "kept it real" even though I didn't are to see it was "South of nowhere"...the actrsses played there parts very well. 10 thumbs down to 90210...Botched rape, botched physco, poor Silver, Although I'm loving Adrianna...POOOR gay attempt with Teddy...thish show is seriously running out of steam. I'm bak to wath 90210 the original


this season has been the most boring of 90210 even if it has been more consistent than the first two seasons


I can't stand how bad the writing is. Who cares if Naomi gives onliners? How about a plot that makes sense?


90210 has to do better in trying but Naomi's storyline was just handled horribly they made Annie so useless and her storylines are just ugh and agree to much friendship is just not the same LOVE NILVER happening adrainna can make fame go to her head but the show made her to unbelievable this rebbeca person who is the writer needs to be fired she has F*cked up the show those were just my opinions


So far I've barely been pleasde with 90210 except for a few good stories here and there. I have to give them props for the Teddy storyline because I think that so far it's pretty good. A huge part of why I'm so frustrated with this season is Naomi's rape story. It was a really good story for them to dive into because teenage rape isn't a stranger to society and it would be something really special to see how a teenager deals with something like that. However, despite Naomi's maturity development over the past few seasons, the way they made her character deal with this was just so unrealistic. It was portrayed in a way that it was as if rape isn't something that stays with you forever and that once you've told someone about it, that's it. The first few episodes were pretty good seeing her so damaged because of it. But after telling her friends, it's like she just wanted to get Mr Cannon arrested and that's that. They didn't show how Naomi has changed or developed because of that and it's really unrealistic to say that a person, especially a teenage doesn't change because of it. I feel like they attempted to tackle such a heavy issue but they failed in portraying it well. It was a real waste of a story because they could've done so much with it but chose to do it that way. This season's been pretty lackluster.


Degrassi Next Generation (circa 2001-to-2005)was WAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than what 90210 is now

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