TV Fanatic Mid-Season Report Card: 90210 12/15/2010

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With most prime time shows on hiatus, TV Fanatic is taking a look back at some buzzed-about programs and grading their performance this fall, with a look toward 2011. First up: Private Practice.

In this edition: 90210.

Best episode: "Catch Me If You Canon." Silver and Naomi tried to trap Mr. Canon this week, only for him to turn the tables and stick a therapist on the former. It was a twist I didn't see coming.

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Best character: Naomi. Even when suffering through a miserable experience, the character throws out the occasional one-liner and has clearly evolved over the years. She's far from the one-note pompous rich girl we met on season one.

Worst character: Annie. In case Jasper didn't ruin her forever, the show made sure to bury this high schooler with incomprehensibly boring storylines that involve egg donation and a relationship with Charlie.

Most misused character: Dixon. Remember him? Funny, outgoing dude? Annie's adopted brother? He hasn't done much of anything.

Best storyline: The illegal activity of Navid's father. First, it was fresh. Seriously, how many other shows can you think of that have given us an underage porn star storyline? Second, it planted the seeds of what will clearly be a major development on the second half of the season: Navid and Silver as a couple.

Hopes for 2011: Drama between the friends. I'm sick of everyone getting along so well. It never feels natural to see the guys all shooting pool and the girls lying together on the beach. We need some real tension between these students.

Also: more of Liam shirtless; less of Adrianna as a cartoonish, fame-obsessed celebrity and more of her as a layered individual truly attempting to balance her dreams with her life at home; continued respect paid to Teddy and his self-realization; an Adrianna sex tape scandal.

Overall grade: C.

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I think giving it a C is too generous.... I hate the naomi/ raped storyline and how quickly she's getting over it... (they're been better rape victims on Degrassi, Shenae Grimes playing one of them).. The earlier episodes when they had her dealing with the rape on her own were soo much better cuz they were believable.. But Naomi hasn't seen a therapist, her freak outs ended once her friends found out about the rape and it lost the believeable aspect of the storyline for me.. If I hadn't seen the earlier episodes, I wouldnt believe that Naomi was raped... I hate the diva version of Adrianna... I hate hat Dixion is never used properly or barely at all... I'm not so sure about Navid/Silver.... And I'm at my breaking point with the Charlie/Annie/Liam Shizz. If I were Evan Ross, I'd be pissed of that I actually auditioned to be apart of that stupidity... Just put Annie and Liam together and explain why Liam hates Charlie and put all of us out of our misery... The only thing that has me partially excited is Teddy being Gay... It's being played very well, I just wish it wasn't spoiled over the summer.... Otherwise it would have been so much better... The only parts of the review I agree with are the most misused character and the hopes for 2011.. And only if they are done right... Dont get me wrong, I love the show, and that's why I'm being so critical, because it wasn't this bad in the first season. The first season was awesome, then it all went downhill from there.... I want it to be back at the level it was before... So please, do better in 2011. *fingers crossed*


I really can't stand Naomi. The actress butchers ever single line she is given. She sucks and she must do it well considering they haven't fired her yet. The cannon story has been stupid. It's just an attempt to overlook the fact the character lied again.


i completely disagree with the overall grade C !!! i would give a B+ .. but i'm not the reviewer soo.. And no Annie is not "worst character" i actually like her!! but naomi is clearly the best!! and "Catch me if you cannon" is not the best episode!! The best episode is either "Episode 6" or the christmas "Episode 11" !!


I don't agree with Annie being the worst character, I blame the producer for bascially making Annie seem like a secondary character in Season 2 and now is trying to integrate her back into the lead roles. I wished they had left Annie alone, that whole Jasper thing totally ruined her charcter,


i agree with the hopes of for 2011. liam is so hot and adrianna is obnoxious


Naomie is the best caracter of course but Annie is great too. And I don't think it has boring storylines for Annie or that the best episode is "Catch me if you Cannon" or that the best storyline is the thing with Navid's dad. It's actually boring. I love Nilver too, and I actually LOVE Annie and Liam, though.
So, I don't really agree w/ this view, sorry. 90210 is my FAVOURITE serie and I don't like hearing things like "Worst character: Annie" and so on.


Naomi is the best character and always will be. I also do not care for Annie and Dixon deserve a storyline. I also miss the old Liam as Tatiana said. I guess I could get use to Nilver but Nadrianna will always be the best in my opinion.


Agree. Naomi best character by far. Don;t really care for Annie and Adriana has been annoying the crap outta me. Would love to see Naomi get an actual love interest that takes her seriously and actually does deserve her :) Dixon to have an actual SL. And the old Liam (bad boy) to come back, what happened to him, now he is just such a lame a** .... Oh and Im looking forward to Navid and Silver but if we somehow can make Adriana that jaded ex that goes all crazy and seeks revenge hey that would be perfect, Silver should know better LOL


Thats better thanks for fixing the tag. I agree with everything in this review except I actually like Annie. I'm hating Adrianna though.

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