What Was the Best Comedy of 2010?

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Congratulations to Chair.

Barring a final push for Huddy or Stelena by hundreds of readers, this Gossip Girl pairing has been named the Top TV Couple of 2010.

Continuing our end-of-the-year countdown, let's move into the world of comedy. In many ways, the past 12 months represented a comeback in the sitcom universe, as we were left with so many options in this poll that we didn't include hour-long laughfests such as Glee.

  • At the Mall
  • Sweet Dee Gives Birth Pic
  • In Jack's Office

Consider how many times you almost spit out your drink while watching these programs and vote now: What was the funniest show of 2010?


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HIMYM is my favorite comedy show. Glee is probably not feature because that is more musical than comedy.


Good thing that Glee isn't featured. The winner wouldn't really be a question then.


How come Raising Hope is not included? It's my favorite comedy, but yet it's snubbed. And it's not even a featured show on this site! *sad face*


Archer !!


its not even a question THE BIG BANG THEORY!


the league


Love How I Met Your Mother!!


Glee is the best comedy but as it is not in competition here, I've voted for Cougar Town