What Was the Best Show of 2010?

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It's come down to this, TV Fanatics.

We've already asked for your take on the top television couple, comedy and reality programs. But now we've arrived at the most important year-end question of all: What was the best show of 2010?

Katherine and Stefan Poster
Go Glee!
Sharp Looking Couple
Fringe Season Three Poster
Farewell, Lucky Strike

There's bound to be disagreement over our poll options below, but remember: this is merely based on the last 12 months. In our view, the past season-plus of some TV Fanatic favorites (sorry, Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy, True Blood) haven't featured the most interesting/suspenseful/original storytelling.

Will they make this cut in 2011? Perhaps. But, for now, we ask readers to vote on the following shows:

Poll is now closed! Here are the results:

The Vampire Diaries



Mad Men

Breaking Bad

The Good Wife



Total Votes: 3713

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Matt richenthal

@Heather: We did not include sitcoms because we asked readers to vote separately for Best Comedy of 2010: http://www.tvfanatic.com/2010/... To everyone asking 'What about this show or that show?' - It's just a matter of opinion. In ours, based solely on episodes that aired in 2010, the shows listed were the strongest on television.


why isn't bones on the list?


Where is Modern Family?!


Why isn't greys anatomy on the list?


Terriers was such an awesome program. It really sucks that more people did not watch. I think the nite and time slot had something to do with it as it was opposite The Good Wife and Detroit 187 also great programs


Vampire Diaries is my favourite. Love the show, Caroline the badass, Tyler becoming a werewolf, Alaric the cutey, Bonnie the most talented witch, Stefan and Elena and there beautiful love story and I hope Damon going back to being the biggest manwhore/torturer of humans we love. Don't like Damon following Elena around like a wimp, very boring.


sons of anarchy... that show rules and u got to admit the season finale has made sure u come back again next year


Where's The Venture Bros!?

Matt richenthal

@Wout: You make a great point. In fact, based on its 13 episodes, Terriers was probably my favorite show of 2010.
But, based on its ratings, it clearly stood no chance of coming close to winning this poll. I was trying to list shows that had a strong fan base AND great years. Perhaps I should add Terriers, however, and not worry about the outcome so much...


Where's 'Terriers' in that list? The show was rightly championed here, and now you just ignored it. Okay, so it was cancelled - but it was the best show on TV while it was on!