90210 Episode Stills: "Liars"

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90210 finally returns with new episodes on January 24.

While The CW hasn't released an official description for the return installment, titled "Liars," the network promo makes it clear that Naomi makes it out of her Mr. Canon-stalked apartment alive. Phew!

Based on the following episode stills, we can also report that Ivy, Dixon and company will get their surf on, while Charlie will confront Liam, likely over Annie...

Charlie vs. Liam
Beach Bum Beauties
Preparing to Surf
Ivy & Liam
Half Brothers
Surfing Pair
Surfing for West Bev
Ivy in Thought

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Why is the next episode not airing till jan 24? Why the long wait?


shit come on same time as pretty little liars


I cannot wait this long. I need it now!


Glad to see that there'll be a Liam and Charlie story going on here. I think it's about time they face each other and we find out what really happened between them.


im excited for liam and charlie to reconcile. i feel like they have really been dragging out that storyline


So it looks like Charlie and Liam will finally bond.


Naomi better kick the crap out of stalker teach!


i hope that liam and charlie talk things over nd we finally found out wat happened in the past between them 2...

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.