90210 Spoilers: The Future of Teddy

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For the most part, 90210 has handled the sexual transition of Teddy in an interesting, mature manner. There's just been one problem:

The show continually gives away every aspect of this storyline long before it actually develops. It started last summer, when producers spilled the fact that Teddy was actually gay and talked openly about how he'd struggle with accepting this reality.

Now, Trevor Donovan has spoken to TV Guide and pretty much given away exactly how this plot will play out. Spoiler warning: stop reading now if you wish to be surprised.

Totally Out

Following the 2010 finale, when Dixon witnessed his friend kissing Ian, Donovan says:

"Dixon lets him know that he saw, and Teddy begs him not to tell anybody. But eventually Silver finds out. There will be the obvious transitional, uncomfortable period but ultimately all the guys are really supportive."

If that's the case, why has Freddie Smith been cast as Teddy's boyfriend? What happens with Ian?

"Teddy and Ian have a falling out and it ends quite abruptly," Donovan says. "In a way, Teddy puts one foot back in the closet and has concerns about who he's going to lean on and who's going to be his friend."

We guess that sounds intriguing. But you tell us, 90210 fans: would you prefer if the show didn't reveal so many details of upcoming storylines?

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