90210 Trailer: The Return of Mr. Cannon!

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As teased on the 2010 finale, 90210 fans have not seen the last of Mr. Cannon.

More importantly, neither has Naomi nor Silver.

Giving away a major storyline from the show's return episode, "Liars," The CW has released the following promotional video. Warning: do not watch if you wish to be surprised by Mr. Cannon's actions on the first installment of the new year...

Also expected to take place on the 1/24/11 episode:

  • Dixon confronts Teddy about his kiss with Ian.
  • Dixon and Annie's cousin from Kansas shows up.
  • Navid and Silver continue to hook up in secret.

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i really want to know what is going to happen with dixon seeing ian


@alexis...I completely COMPLETELY agree with you! Couldn't of said it better myself


ok, when Stuart Gillard and Tod Himmel worked together in season's 2 episode "Clark Raving Mad" they already knew the territory they were getting into: the rape... and they also knew that Naomi eventually was meant to live the consequences of it. Then, they wrote this super episode (this season's best) "2021 Vision" in wich a troubled Naomi had an overdose of sleeping pills. They were making a great storyline. The problem started when new writers began to steal it's spotlight and they just threw it away... It didn't seem real at all. Now, once again, Stuart Gillard and Tod Himmel want to remend the mistake... And that's the reason why Cannon is back, to remind Naomi that she actually GOT RAPED. To remind the writters Naomi got raped, to remind the audience Naomi got raped... I really am hopping we'll get to see the real ramifications here, not just a "it's gone, you don't have to see him ever again"...


navid needs to dump adrianna she is so flippin superficial its sickening.... I dont think Silver will get hurt, but im interested to see how this cannon/silver/naomi issue is going to end...awesome promo!


@sophia I was about to say the exact same thing, this is exactly the same scene as OTH with Peyton Brooke and psycho Derek !!


omg! hats down to the person that made this promo.. this makes me really look forward to jan 24!


Wow! Looking so forward to this.


I am looking so forward to this! :D
I know that every main character will be safe, but it's so intense!
I look forward to Annie's crazy cousin. I think that'll be a barrel of laughs.
Also, shame on Navid! Grow a pair and dump Adrianna first.
In addition, it's none of Dixon's business about Teddy. If Dixon were a good friend, he'd wait for Teddy to be comfortable enough to tell him.


this episode is reminding me of one tree hill 4x16 when brooke goes looking for peyton and psycho derek is there and he also holds a knife to brooke's neck 90210 that was not original

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.