Did Ricky Gervais Cross the Line as Golden Globes Host?

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He made most viewers laugh and most presenters uncomfortable. But did Ricky Gervais go too far as host of Sunday's Golden Globes?

Philip Berk, the president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, certainly thinks so.

Berk, who was painted a senile fool in one joke by the comedian, told The Hollywood Reporter of Gervais' performance: "He definitely crossed the line. Some of the things were totally unacceptable. But that's Ricky."

Ricky Gervais as Host

It's safe to assume Gervais won't return next year as host, not that he cares or would have expected to.

"Any of the references to individuals is certainly not something the Hollywood Foreign Press condones," Berk said.

But were they something you laughed at? Do you think Gervais acted inappropriately?

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Ricky was hilarious. I love the guy and he did not go too far. For once I was entertained by an awards show (I don´t like to waste my time and watch except to see all the fashion.)
He also hosted the show last year so the HFPA & the celebs should have known what to expect. The Hollywood Foreign Press knew exactly whom they were hiring (and if they didn't they're idiots) so they have no right to complain if they're suddenly offended. They expect awards show to be ass kissing events (where they all love everybody), which for once it was not, and I loved it!


He was hilarious. But I only saw the beginning 5 minutes monologue on Hulu. I generally don't consider award shows worthy of the time to watch. But I love looking at the magazines later on to see all the fashion and to check the online sites to see who won. Spending three plus hours to see 20 awards doled out or whatever number it was is just too long for me.

Sue ann

I saw the last two minutes of Gervais's opening monologue and the first fourteen seconds of the first winner's speech, before suffering terminal boredom and changing the channel. I never returned to the program. Yep, I was offended by his joke about Scientology. We have freedom of religion in this country. That is their religion. Get over it. It is not a sin to be gay, so get over snide comments about that, too. The individuals in question do not appear to be gay, but who cares in the first place? If Gervais had not been offensive, and if Christian Bale had not ranted on and on and on about people I never heard of, I might have stayed with the program a bit longer, to see the dresses. But the two of them in fast tandem like that? Forget it.


Opinion on his comedy aside (I personally think he's hilarious!) Ricky Gervais has said openly that he just does not give a damn. The Hollywood Foreign Press knew exactly whom they were hiring (and if they didn't they're idiots) so they have no right to complain if they're suddenly offended. I maybe I need to rewatch Gervais' jokes but it seemed to me that the presenters who were the butt of his jokes took his jibes in stride and even rebutted with a few of their own. Is it so hard for the HFPA to have a bit of a laugh?


*rolls eyes* Man, we American's can be pretty uptight sometimes can't we. I thought he was hilarious, but like Dr.CerrenoMD said - the making fun of other people and themselves is just how British humor generally works, especially Ricky Gervais. Honestly, the Hollywood Foreign Press must have a few screws loose if they hired Ricky Gervais and thought he would just tell well-mannered jokes. Didn't they do any research on the guy? Anyway, basically I think it's absolutely silly that now they're like "He crossed a line," when really he did exactly what they should have expected.


The golden globe people have really done it this year. First with their nominations and then the choice of presenter. I have nothing against ricky, i like him. But getting a BRITISH comedian to present an AMERICAN award show is just plain dumb! British humor is lost on americans and vice versa. Ricky probably didn't give it a second thought to say what he said, not caring who didn't like it cuz thats who they are. British comedians are just like that and thats what I love about them. But the hfpa are saying he crossed lines. Boo hoo!! Choose an american to host your dumb awards show in the first place!!!


I thought some of his comments/jokes were somewhat offensive. Whether they were or weren't did not affect my opinion of this year's show, which I found to be exceedingly boring. I also thought Gervais was boring as well. He did a much better job hosting last year's award show.

Aint born typical

Ricky is an entertainer who gave the Golden Globes (an otherwise boring show) an audience of 17 million. Besides, it's hard not to take this show (which on top of everything else has so much self-importance about it) as a joke to begin with.


I think he was wonderful I mean what exactly do you expect when you ask Ricky Gervais to host.


It seems to me the only right choice the forign press made was not to have this guy back as host. But having him as host was their first wrong choice.

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