Fringe: Casting for Olivia's Stepfather

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Fringe has given fans a major reason to tune in on Fridays this winter, one that has nothing to do with witty promos:

The show is casting for Olivia's abusive stepfather. Viewers have never seen this character before, but we've heard plenty about him.

Olivia at Work

As a nine-year old, Olivia nearly killed her stepdad with a bullet because he was beating on her mom. The man then disappeared, but has been sending Olivia eerie messages every year on her birthday.

Who will play this big bad? Producers have not decided yet. Who SHOULD play him? You tell us!

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just read that alt olivia is pregnant!


and my dear friends this is where peter steps in...he is protective f her remeber season 1 when that man attacked olivia and at the end of the episode peter attacks him on the street and tells him to never touch olivia again... well i am looking forward to multiplying that beating times 20


it's a fantastic show ! I love it !


I would say any one of the following, only because they look imposing. Jeffery Dean Morgan Malcolm McDowell John Malkovich Udo Kier


so i would like olivia to be all scared of him and then peter to yell at him with this big long speech about how she is such a good person and how he never would be the man he is without her and maybe punch her step dad and then olivia see the whole thing and she lets him in :)

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