Glee Music Scoop: Paul McCartney, Justin Bieber, Rent

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Anne Hathaway has been confirmed as an upcoming Glee guest star.

While this is exciting news, many fans are more interested in future Glee music numbers than actor/actress appearances. What singles and/or artists are on tap for the show, once it returns next month from hiatus?

Mercedes to the Mic

We can offer the following scoop:

  • The show will feature two Paul McCartney songs in February, one ("Silly Love Songs") sung by Blaine.
  • On what Amber Riley describes as a "diva-off" with Rachel, she'll sing "Take Me or Leave Me" from Rent.
  • Coach Beiste will sing a country song on the February 22 episode.
  • The series will cover two Justin Bieber songs, most likely "Baby" and "Somebody to Love."

Which of these teases has you most excited?

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Im not happy about Justin Bieber either but in saying that just hope that bieber doesnt guest star and sing with them cause Glee will be able to do him justice and sing his songs better


TAKE ME OR LEAVE ME. Hands down. Glee should do more RENT!!!! and Santana would make a great Mimi xD


Yes ! Yet another amazing song by Idina Menzel sung by the talented Lea Michele (Rachel) . Plus that is one of my favorite songs from Rent ! They always do the song they do justice so I can't wait to see how they pull this one off .I'm ready for Feb ! :) @Caitlyn: Seasons of Love would be amazing . That would be an awesome closing number for them .


ahhh i LOVE that song off rent. yay


oh wow. @Adrienne I told my friends the exact same thing about TMOLM :D


I love rent and "take me or leave me" is my fave song in the whole show!! yay! I think it should be Rachel singing Maureen(Idina Menzel's) part! Should be a really good number!! not a justin biber fan though but I guess you just can't have everything your own way!


OMG Take me or leave me!!!!! YES!! Also I agree with Adrienne, "I'll Cover You" must be in the show!


Okay, so Kurt and Blaine NEED to sing 'I'll Cover You.' No questions asked. Also, 'Take Me or Leave Me' should be Brittany and Santana's job! And also, Justin Bieber. WTF?


Don't care about the songs. Just hope they spend some time on plotting and writing that makes sense.


Im inhaling and repating OMG RENT over and over! they should also do another day (finchel) and i'll cover you (kurt and blaine :] and seasons of love for the hell of it :)

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