Glee Music Spoilers: A Valentine's Day Special

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We already know that Justin Bieber and a song from Rent are on tap for Glee this season.

What other artists/singles can fans look forward to? Matthew Morrison has shared the entire track list for the show's February 8, Valentine's Day-themed episode with TV Guide, telling the magazine:

"My assignment to the kids is to have them perform love songs, so we're doing some fun classics that are Valentines-y."

Concerned Will

The followings songs will be covered that week:

  • "Firework" by Katy Perry: Rachel
  • "Fat Bottomed Girls" by Queen: Puck
  • "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)" by Michael Jackson: Artie
  • "My Funny Valentine" by Babes in Arms: Tina
  • "When I Get You Alone" by Robin Thicke: Blaine
  • "Silly Love Songs" by Paul McCartney: The Warblers

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I guess I'm alone, but I'm really looking forward to these songs.
Firework is perfect for Rachel to use her big notes.
Fat Bottomed Girls for Puck will hopefully push things further with Lauren.
PYT is just sweet since it's coming from Artie
I love My Funny Valentine, and I'm glad they're doing an older song.
This scene will finally give people what they want from the Blaine/Kurt romance.
Never heard of Silly Love Songs before, but that's why people like Glee, hearing new music.


so frickn excited for both the superbowl epsiode and the valentines episode so into klaine right now they are freakn adorable
also cant wait to her darren criss sing "when i get you alone" thats gonna be damn sexy.
bills bills bills sounded pretty damn sexy to
well the bits i heard of it did anyway EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE cant wait i no im a majorfangirl
lol :D


Wow... Will looks fugly in that photo.


The thing is, alicegranger, the glee club used to do a really good mix, you'd get a current hit every now and then but now you're lucky if you get anything older than a decade. If they used songs that are so awesome we'll be remembering them decades later (like the classics they USED to do) it'd be another matter. The problem is they are just following fads like Beiber and his ilk.
The show was better and first hooked the audience when it used a wider variety of music. It's losing this fanbase because they have forgotten what the majority of fans loved about it.
It was awesome when they reinvented classic songs for an audience that might not have known them (maybe too young etc.), now they just sing stuff from the charts that has already saturated the teen market. It's a shame really, too much like karaoke (yeah a lot of the time the cast have superior voices to the original artist but it's still dull).


@anonymous, who complained about Glee doing modern songs; think about it, it's actually more realistic that way. In an actual Glee club with a bunch of teenagers, while they would pay tribute to classics, it makes sense that they would also want to do the songs they're really familiar with, songs that are current and hot. It's touched on in 'The Substitute' when it shows Mr. Shue pushing Journey while Puck wanted to sing 'Forget You'.


UMM ok so Rachel rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She and kurt are the only ones with any talent at all!!! Blaine is a sweetie and I cant wait for that relationship to take off. and Artie is stupid. I pray to God they kill him off.


im really sick of rachel always singing in every episode i watch,i want quinn and santana to sing more.


I wish RM chose better songs than these. Apart from Firework, not really keen on the others. So much better love songs out there to choose from.


Im excited for "Fat Bottomed Girls" and "My Funny Valentine". I am peronally done with the Warblers but thats just me, enough about the competition.


Not that exited for the songs...

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