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Glee Song Preview: "Thriller"

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Before we hear the selection of songs Glee will present on its Valentine's Day episode, fans will be treated to a Super Bowl-themed spectacular.

Sources have already confirmed that the February 6 installment of the series will be its most expensive and elaborate to date. But will it deliver the best music? You tell us.

The video below delivers snippets of various singles to be covered on the special episode, from Lady Antebellum's "Need You Now" to Destiny's Child's "Bills Bills Bills" to a certain Michael Jackson classic. Listen now:

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I can't wait for the Puckleberry duet :D
And I love Bills,Bills,Bills :)


Ughhh thriller doesn't need to be mashed up with anything i am a little disappointed that that's how they decided to do it however i am psyched for the puckleberry duet. they are my fav couple i hope they get together. they have some spark unlike any other couple on the show


OMG it's horrible. OMG.
Bills bills bills cover is terrible.
Why don't they know that Thriller is not a song worth to mash up?
So disappointed.




Love the Puckleberry duet. Can't wait to see it. Puck seriously has a great voice. It's a lot stronger than Finns.


I was thinking the same thing! Rachel singing it to Finn and Puck singing it to Quinn or Santana. I don't care so much about the latter. But Rachel and Finn need to get back together, they've only been together for 8 episodes (Christmast episode doesn't count)


i like the songs and really hope that puck is singing it to quinn and rachel to finn! finchel and quick all the way!


Despite the storylines, the music has been really good this season.
Can't wait for the Thriller mashup!


OMG Puckleberry duet! Can'y flipping wait!

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