Gossip Girl Caption Contest 137

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Welcome to the 137th Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic!

This week's Caption Contest winner is Brazilian Girl. Congrats!

Honorable mentions go out to @BQE_Music, ellie23 and TheYalier. Thanks to all for playing, best of luck again next week, and have a pleasant weekend!

Hello, Columbia

Blair: Ok, got taken down at 2h58, now reprogramming schedule: eat pie all by myself out of anger at 3h, come up with a plan to throw Chuck Bass down once and for all at 3h17, humiliate minions at 3h49, throw up pie at 3h53, make fun of Serena's stupidity to her face without her noticing at 4h20, tell off Dorota over the phone at 4h32, go shopping at 4h45, tea at Hamilton House at 5h50 and looking fabulous while doing it all. That shall do for this afternoon, are you two taking notes?
Brunette minion: [whispering] She is such a Blairanoid.
Blonde minion: [thinking] What a waste, if she will throw up anyway she could give that delicious pie for me!

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Make it silent, make it silent... *Fart*


Blair: Why did Chuck give me a pie with a hole in a centre of it?
Minions: Haven't you heard of "American Pie"?


Blair : After watching "Sweeney Todd" my life just got so much easier.. Anybody care for some Jenny and Vanessa pie?


Ugh...Dair...Chair...Dair fans and Chair fans...Maybe I should just go into cooking. I like pies. I can rule the cooking world. Safer, and a much better way to get burned.


Serena : Do I smell a scheme? Maybe some bribery?
Blair : You smell pie.
Serena : Oh, so that's what it's called. How many times did you have you hair done this week while an inocent man sat in prison?
Blair : That's a line from 7 episodes later.


Did I forget to wear underwear?


Blair: It's just pie! It won't kill you. Well it might but I can't be held responsible if it does. Plus no one even likes you anyway so I would be doing you a justice if it killed you.


Leighton: "Josh, I know you're all about repeating yourself, but we already did an episode called 'Blair Waldorf must pie'!"


Leighton thinking to herself.
1. Meet with stylist to get all of my movie premiere dresses in order.
2. Meet with agent to decide on new movie roles.
3. Get ready for my photoshoot with seventeen magazine.
4. Think of good responses during my interview with E!
Oh sorry Josh just thinking of life outside of Gossip Girl.


Blair : Come on Josh! She pushed me into cake last season can't I shove her stupidity blonde slutty face in cherry pie?

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