Gossip Girl Fashion From "The Kids Are Not All Right"

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After three-plus seasons, we don't need to tell you that Gossip Girl is as renowned for its trend-setting fashions as it is for its funny quotes, sordid scandals and sexy stories.

On that note, some of the Gossip Girl style statements sported by Blair and Serena from this past Monday's episode are documented in this fun guide put together by the CW.

Take a look at what the lovely ladies wore in "The Kids Are Not All Right" ...

Gossip Girl Fashion: January 24
Gossip Girl Style: January 24

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yes 4 x S and only 2x Blair?? really are you serious?!


@Elena.: LOL i remember.. that purplish shiny thing right? lol.. i think the hair made it worse.. but yeah, i think the stylists were sleeping during season 3.. her wardrobe got a little better towards the end but the beginning was eh..


@z0ey: Lol, remember the dress Blair wore in 3x03? Omg. o.O


and where is the amazing dress blair wore at the party??? i totally loved it!!!


ok i know.. i liked season 1 and 2 clothes as well.. but i think season 4 clothes are way better than season 3's.. that red dress that blair wore in Paris and the one last episode were really beautiful.. but i like watever blair wears.. its all businessy now but i still like it.. its cute and feminine.. for some reason, i dont like serena's clothes.. they show way too much of her cleavage and it just looks desperate to me.. but everyone has their favorites..


This season has been very hit and miss. Sometimes I love an outfit and sometimes I can't help thinking what was the stylist thinking... I agree that the best was Blair's dress at the party. So gorgeous and of course Leighton really pulled it off. reeling, I've noticed that Blair hasn't had a whole lot of eye makeup too. I figured they just used up all of their eyeliner budget on Jenny. :)


in this season they have better outfits for Serena


Season 1 outfits are epic, they dressed Blair really well that season. Most girls modelled themselves after her, including me it hurt my mum's credit card lol and mine too but now meh not so much.


i think lily looked great again:-), especially in this scene where she had her hair open


@z0ey: I know... But they're still 20 - not 30. They could be a little bit... more like s2. Then I'm already happy. :)

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