Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: "Damien Darko"

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Gossip Girl's first episode of 2011, "The Kids Are Not All Right," was far from its best, as we noted in our review and Round Table. But we're confident that brighter days lie ahead.

Next week in "Damien Darko," the stakes are rising. Chuck is out to save the company at any cost, and Dair ... well, they're just being Dair. Who knows where that's going yet.

The first clip released by the CW previewing the episode deals with someone else altogether, however: Eric, and his recent breakup with Elliot. It's an unexpected, sweet scene.

Check out three promos we posted earlier and then watch the sneak peek here:

Interestingly, even though his name is in the title, we've seen or heard little about Damien's role in the episode so far. Think he's involved in this Eric story line somehow?

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OMG! I wait sooooooooo long for this moment!
But now the moment is here: Jonathan is back! Thank you!!! Eric and Jonathan - a perfect couple/pairing♥ and soooo cute. Hope they find back togetherand fall on love again - and we see: Eric♥Jonathan 2.0 ;).


I wonder, Where's the other son of Lily and Rufus? Scott? the guy got lost in the space?


Oh my God, I just teared up a little bit! Why don't we get more of this and less of Serena/DanN/Nate or whatever useless thing Rufus is doing? Real acting! And good! And it has Eric in it! Please, please let him become a central character instead of Nate or Vanessa, so this boredom ends!


Johnathan! I hope this means Eric will finally get a decent story in this episode. I understand the actor (Conor Paolo) wants to stay at recurring status, but Eric is such a good character on this show that I really want to see him more involved with the "gang." Even when Eric is being wishy-washy, I still like his character. Well, I hope Johnathan and Eric have a good story this ep.


Yay, i love Jonathan and Eric together! I was waiting for Jonathan's comeback. I totally agree with that Lily's outfit thing. It looks horrible. I think Jenny is coming back too in this episode, cause there's suppoused to be Damien and Eric, so i think there will be Jenny too. I'm still thinking that Blair and Damien would be a cute couple :)


Quit knocking Vanessa. She's a better actor and more interesting than Serena or Jenny. Get a clue.


eric is another example of great potential sl's that has been let down completely by the writers. now he reappears all of a sudden, like he recently had any sl at all. the only relieve we get (though it unfortunately didn't improve the show a lot) is that we don't have to see vanessa on our screens.
@ori: i'm with you!


Probably Damien and Eric are having an affair :P


I knew this show would go downhill after Juliet left :[
I hope it gets better!!


GG gotten so bad recently. I can't bear to watch it anymore. Why writers need ruin my favourite show in a worst possible ways? Look at the dialog of Eric and Lily. Doesn't make any sense at all.

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