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The "Damien Darko" photos we posted earlier hint at a major Dan and Blair storyline on Gossip Girl. That's not up for debate. Their romantic future, however, is unclear.

Until now ... possibly.

Courtesy of Michael Ausiello of TV Line, one of the more reliable sources in TV journalism, comes this tidbit: "I have it on semi-good authority that there will be a ***s."


DAIR-DEVILS: Dan and Blair couldn't ... no ... would they? Should they?

He obviously means kiss, right? Our staff came up with a few alternatives:

  • Fuss
  • Diss
  • Mess
  • Bass (think about it!)

Eh, probably kiss. Of course, we could be wrong, or they might kiss, but only be acting / perpetrating some scheme at the time. You never know with Gossip Girl.

Anyway, we now turn it over to you. Share your theories below!

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i love how everyone keeps saying chuck and blair when they are just unhealthy together! for gods sake he traded her for his hotel!! chuck is not a good person and dan and blair are much better for each other


We all know from seeing Gossip Girl that everyone hooks up eventully and since we've seen all the seaons of GG and the only sparkle there has been and kept the whole thing alive is the Chuck and Blair thing. Those two has had their time and it has been heartbreaking and so exciting but it's time to move on. There has been forgiviness to things that no one could ever forgive and if they keep driving Chuck and Blair together sooner or later we'll think it's ridicilous. If Chair should have happened after the whole Jenny thing it should have happened right away after their secretly sex but instead they decided to pause their romance and live their lifes. It would ruin so many things if Chair happened again we need stuff and gossip that makes us twist! And I bet I'm not the only one who thinks Dan and Blair is the perfect thing to get Gossip Girl back on track from getting boring. There has been so many not important relationsships in Gossip Girl that this one is tasty!
And actully Blair has never had a real relationsship after Chuck which is just not fair! As I see it Dan is the best choice for the perfect relationsship after Chuck cause' Chuck has had his!
Am looking so forward to this romance DAIR!


I WOULD LOVE IT if Dan and Blair hooked up. They totally need each other. I'm soooo sick of Serena and she doesn't deserve a good guy like Dan. Blair on the other hand needs someone who can put her in her place from time to time and it's sooo cute. I agree with Laura...Blair and Dan possibly hooking up is the only reason I'm watching the show.


Gotta say, some of you chair fans are really ignorant.
I, like most other gg viwers, supported Chair for the longest time, but since chuck decided to start acting like a Bass-tard again, he hasn't been worthy of Blair. Most of the Chair fans haven't actually thought about it. Your whole 'omg thats so gross chuck 4 life' isn't cool. Blair and Chuck can /never/ end up together if they are constantly with each other throughout every episode. We've seen the whole Blair chasing chuck and vice versa for three seasons, and frankly it's gotten boring. Dair has been hinted at from the very first season. Dan has been there plenty of times for Blair, their both on the same academic level, somewhat share the same goals, interests and the major thing- both of their biggest love interests can't seem to get their act together. Dair have great chemistry, and I've love to see them have a real meaningful relationship. Because together, they would grow, and the result would be Chair as endgame anyway, which is what obsessive Chair fans need to realise.


OMG are you guys fucking nuts,blair belongs to be with Chuck not with Dan.blair and Dan can be friends,because he has feelings for Serena and only Serena. blair and Chuck belong together,well Serena is caught between her feelings for Dan and Ben Donaven.
if blair and dan hooked up it would ruin everything of this season of G.G,okey so give up on this theory dair. ¡¡CHAIR 4EVER AND EVER!!


I REALLY REALLY want this to happen! It's the only reason I'm watching the show again, I love them together!


well i think that they should hoook up because they both want to be writers and not just that... blair needs a man like dan like she needs a good guy that will respect her and treat her good not nate or omg not chuck he is a total ass but i hope they get together and i hope he shows her the good and the bad and changes her in a good way!!! but i know if they would get together there would be alot of jelousy and drama


Oh I am definitely for this couple!!
Yes people may think its the same, every character in Gossip Girl has had recycled boyfriends and girlfriends. This may be true, but I don't think we've seen anyone quite like Dair before.
Serena and Dan were just blah.. boring in this season
Chuck and Blair were a great couple but somehow I don't think they'll get that cuteness back ever. Jenny destroyed it.
Dan and Blair are just so different yet so the same if that makes sence. The fact that they are both struggling to come to terms with the fact that they actually like hanging out with each other is hilarious. Most importantly, this relationship started from season 1, and each scene of theirs is funny and like a breath of fresh air. There is no one like Dair, so I am looking forward to more of their scenes, whether as friends or something more!


Dear everyone who commented: you need to let the wheel turn. On the show, everyone has been together... and I mean EVERYONE except Dan and Blair. Then after they've had their run, the wheel will continue to turn and turn and turn. I personally have always been a fan of Dan and Blair, but I was also a fan of Blair and Chuck. But I think it's time for the wheel to spin on Dan. It could be interesting... besides, their friendship is getting pretty awesome. In fact, I would love it if a friendship budded... but if they shared a kiss, I think that could be really sweet =)



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