Gossip Girl Spoilers: Producers Talk Dair, Chair & More

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Love it or hate it, there is going to be more Dair in our future.

But how much, and will this Gossip Girl tandem get romantic?

The obvious, albeit unexpected spark between the brainy twosome from opposite worlds has become the talk of the fan community. So ... will they or won't they?


“I don’t know that we’re even conceiving them that way at this point,” executive producer Stephanie Savage tells EW of a possible Dair-ing romance on Gossip Girl.

“I think any time there's a strong intellectual connection and people have shared interest, where they enjoy bantering with each other, there's always potential for a romantic spark."

"That is inherent. So we’ll be exploring that in the next set of episodes.”

The next step? Dan joining Blair at W magazine for an internship.

“It may be that Dan didn’t think it was a Dan thing either, perhaps,” Savage says with a laugh when asked about Dan’s new, uncharacteristically fabulous job.

“We’ve always talked about it, they’ve had a lot in common. We feel like any time they’re together, even when they hate each other, it’s delicious,” says Safran.

As for Chair fans holding out hope for that pairing, there's this:

"“Each one realizes that the only person who can actually do the thing they need is the other, and they end up working together in a really fun way,” Savage says of the February 7 episode. “Chuck and Blair are never far apart from each other.”

NOTE: Check out photos from that episode, "Panic Roommate."

Other tidbits as we gear up for the second half of the season:

  • Eric’s getting a “fun and unusual” new arc.
  • After a few rough episodes, Lily is on a new path.
  • The show’s first Valentine’s Day episode will feature one of Gossip Girl‘s most lavish and lovely parties yet, thrown by Chuck at a mansion outside of town.
  • Russell and Raina Thorpe will be around the rest of the season.

What do you think of these teasers? Should Dair hook up?

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What the? Reina for the whole season....EEWWW
please get rid of reina, i want my chair


I'm all for giving Dair a chance....I think it could be fun. They do have awesome chemistry...and I am honestly so sick of Serena treating Dan like crap. I don't like Serena anymore.I haven't for a long time. Its hard because I do love Blair and Chuck, but there is no one that I really want Danwith anymore...Serena sucks..he deserves better. Blair is my favorite girl on GG now. Maybe they would be good for eachother. Just as long as Vanessa STAYS AWAY!! I haven't even missed her in the past few episodes. I do miss Nate a little though. He is only in a few scenes that have to do with his dad...lame. So basically I'm all for Dair right now.


@ Ana: How strange...in my opinion the scenes involving Dan are the only ones worth watching. He seems to be the only character you can identify with, since you can't deny that most of em are pretty decadent...


I'm as big a Chair fan as the next gal but I don't want to watch Blair be miserable and lonely while Chuck is off having sex with Raina. If he's with someone, she should be too... even if it is, Dan. They have some potential, you know? Anyway it's Gossip Girl, it's not like they're going to end up getting married. It'd probably be just some cute little fling one episode and then them realizing it won't work out the next.


Look, I love Chair as much as the next shipper, but do we really want Blaor to hang around waiting for Chuck whilst he's doing his sworn enemy? We all know they're endgame so maybe it will take a Dair pairing to make Chuck realise what his lost and FIGHT FOR HER FOR ONCE!! And also Dan'ss not bad to look at so our Queen Bee can have fun whilst she waits :) chill out dair haters


Dan is not ugly but he's the ugliest if compared to Nate and Chuck....


i think that dair should hook up because then blair may realise her true feelings for chuck and then maybe she will finally get back together with him! XD


dair disgust me i hate them ugh!!!


Blair we all know and love would never ever hook up with the Boring Sheltered Nobody.


Dair is so entertaining! I never thought gossip girl would be able to get better after the fuckery of the last two seasons... Let's see if the writers can keep this charming couple interesting..

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