Grey's Anatomy Review: "Disarm"

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Overall, "Disarm" was a good episode. The storyline involving a gunman shooting up a college clearly paralleled what happened at Seattle Grace and allowed all of the doctors’ lingering shooting-related issues to be exposed. Plus, a lot of loose ends were finally tied up.

Meredith told Derek how much him being shot affected her. She explained that he needed to help her just as much as he had been helping Cristina.

They seem to be getting closer again, which the show really needed. Also, there’s the subplot of Meredith and Derek trying to have a baby. Do you think this will happen any time soon? Won’t it change the whole dynamic of the show?

Emotionally Reeling

Meredith, Derek and Richard reflect on the past and what they must do.

It was sad that Cristina Yang had been living in Seattle for so long and did not even know where the Space Needle was, but it was great to see her back in surgery.

The long-awaited reunion with Meredith at the end of the episode did not disappoint. Hopefully, they will be able to restore their friendship to what it was before.

Teddy seems stressed about the wedding, but Henry was very charming at the end of the episode. Will they stay together or will the marriage of convenience backfire?  

What will this do to her relationship with Owen, who is clearly annoyed?

Callie and Arizona are still fighting. They were able to work together professionally, but Callie does not seem to be anywhere near forgiving Arizona.

Do you think that Arizona will wait around until Callie forgives her or will they break up? If the Chief was serious about Arizona having to work under Dr. Stark, there should be a lot of drama in the pediatrics department in upcoming episodes.

Jackson and Bailey showed that they are still not fully recovered from the shooting.

Jackson demonstrated that he’s trying, though, when he spoke sympathetically to the shooter’s mother after walking out of the shooter’s surgery.

Meanwhile, Bailey became very emotional and angry when her patient Chuck started coding, but his survival should help her recover as well.     

Miranda and Owen

Everyone reacted to last night's challenges in his or her own way.

Lexie was panicky for most of the episode, but, after Mark gave her the opportunity to save a patient’s life, she told him she loved him.

Where is this going to go? Mark is historically a commitment-phobe, so we will have to wait and see if he runs or sticks around for good.

How did you feel about the scene where everyone was watching Cristina and Teddy’s surgery and the Chief announced that all 26 victims survived? Everyone broke down into tears and then began laughing hysterically. Clearly, the doctors were exhausted and dealing with post-traumatic stress, but the reaction was pretty intense.

The best scene of the episode was when the crowd sang the Pacific College song outside, and all of the doctors were seen working together in peace for the same goal - saving patients - despite their personal problems.

What did you think of last night's episode? What were your favorite moments? Follow this link to browse through some of the episode's Grey's Anatomy quotes and then leave us a comment telling us your impressions of "Disarm."


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Loved this episode!! I agree with most comments that the MerDer kissing has to get better than the peck they are doing now. Kissing or not they have amazing chemistry but to see a little of their passionate kissing would be nice. I am so happy they are talking McBaby again!! Love MerDer more than any other couple and finally got a chance to see them be a focus of an episode. My favorite episode of the season! Glad Cris is back to being a doctor and maybe friends with Mer! I was getting so sick of the Cris/Der thing. I always felt let Der concentrate on his wife not her friend. So glad Cris is back to being a doctor. That is her calling along with her funny poor bedside manner. Mark & Lexie were awesome. They belong together just like MerDer! I love Mer's speeches to Der. This one ranked up there with the "you don't get to call me a whore" speech. Well said Mer!! I can't believe that Der didn't pay attention that Mer went through trauma as well. Hello writers?? Finally an episode that ties things together! Can't wait for next week!


@garyg1345 I totally made the Chuck-Charles connection! I think this save was really important for Baily. She has had two really big losses and she needed this win. ********************* I loved loved loved this episode. I am so glad that it is back!! I laughed, I cried and for it to make my heart race again...oh....Im just so ready for next week!


And...I so loved the way everybody literally released all that tension from a hard day's work, by laughing it out in the gallery of the OR Christina was performing surgery was so funny, and normal and refreshing! I hope though that that grouchy-gim--the head of pediatric surgery--is thrown out! It was funny how Arizona instructed Alex to body-block the guy, and stop him from cutting off a leg.


I so so so LOVE this show! Glad that Mer got all of that pent-up hurt out of her system...MerDer are truly adorable, and Invincible...stronger after the shooting incident, and better! Shonda's done justice to the most important pair, FINALLY, putting to rest all debates about how the lead pair are now on the back-burner etc..It cannot get better than this! By the way is this really the last season? I hope not, because I so want to see what happens to the other not-so-important characters on the show.


I love Alex in the episode, like seriously...he was so... I don't have the right words, but he had me laughing even though I was so sad, because the episode was pretty heartbreaking ..


OMG!!! BRILLIANT! JUST BRILLIANT!! There is SO MUCH to love about this episode. First of all, THANK GOD AZ and Cristina are back. Didn't really like the past few eps that AZ was missing and Cristina doing everything but what she does best. We finally get some great Merder moments. Granted their conversations were still about Cristina but I'm glad that Mer finally told Derek that she suffered too. Seriously, he really needs to pay attention to his wife now. She should've been his first priority considering she saw him get shot and miscarried their first child. Mer has been very strong trying to deal with everything on her own while Derek was moving heaven and earth for Cristina. Really Derek! Love the tender moments between them tho. Loved, loved Calzona. How I missed these two together. Loved AZ's heartfelt and desperate plea to Callie and I equally loved Callie's response. Not spiteful or mean just honest and simple. She still loves AZ otherwise she would've just kept walking. But she turned around and listened to what she had to say. I feel the next few eps for these two will be very PAINFUL to watch but bring it on. Mark and Lexie FINALLY!!! Hope the writers let them be for awhile and don't screw up these two couple with a STUPID pregnancy SL. Loved AZ and Karev peds team. They are meant to be - PROFESSIONALLY that is. If they handle Teddy's SL well, I think it will be great. Bailey's 'bastard' comment didn't really phase me that much and I'm catholic. Sometimes people say things they don't mean in desperation and she apologized afterwards. The end with all the docs watching Cristina and Teddy made me cry. Then made me laugh when they all cracked up about AZ having to work under Stark knowing what an ass he is and she didn't get what was so funny lol. Seriously, Stark needs TO GO NOW!!! Hopefully they can all put the shooting incident behind them. They ALL came full circle in this episode. Really looking forward to the rest of the season.


@ LuvMerder
You couldnt said better! I understand that Callie is not goin to forgive Arizona right away but dont treat her like crap. Yes Arizona left her but she didnt want it to go in the first place. It was wrong of Arizona to leave like that but she back and fighting for her forgivness. People make mistake, Callie should understand that better than anyone. She did it when she slept with Mark after Erika told her the whole leaf and glasses speech. Like she said there two people in a relationship she should start taking responsabilities for her action too! Finally Yang is back, and she rock in the OR, loved Merder bed scene, good to see Alex and Az back together again. On other note the mom from the shooter really rock her scene, it was so heartbreaking! Loved this episode!


@ chelle mackenzie
I couldnt agree with you more. I understand that Arizona left her but she apolagize to Callie, she doesnt deserve to be treated that way. People are telling she is selfish and that Callie deserve better. But it was Arizona who got Callies father to finally accept her for who she is. People are always sayin that Callie gave her family up for Arizona but the truth is she gave up her family because they were not willing to accept her for who she really was. Arizona decided to have babies with Callie. She gave Mark a chance becuase thats was what Callie wanted. When she told Arizona that there were two people in their relationship she sound it like a total hypocrite. Why didnt she think of that when she offer to raise Marks grandchild with him without even talking to Arizona first. I understand that Arizona was wrong by leaving her, but Callie was also wrong by acting like she wanted to go to Africa. In my opinion they both are to blame, Arizona is trying to win her back I understand that Callie cant trust her or fogiver that easily but she should treat Arizona better than that! Anyway loved Merder. Love Mark and Lexie. Im glad that Cristina is back, is about time. Love Karev and Arizona working together. And Stark need to be gone like yestarday, he is a sorry excuse for a Doctor. Best episode of the season!


I've so far been disappointed by this series but finally we've got the old greys back! there were MerDer moments, which since now there has been a lack of! Less christina! Wooop! And emotion and more about the people rather than the drama! I hope it continues :)


Arizona needs Callie to forgive her. She deserves a break after all
she did travel half way around the world to be with the woman she loves. She does not deserves to be treated like dirt by Calllie.
Please let them get back together. I really miss them. I know they love each other!

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