Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Meredith's Golden Hour

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Our girl has come so far. Meredith Grey is about to run the show.

On the February 10 episode of Grey's Anatomy, entitled "Golden Hour," Meredith will be at the helm of the ER, TV Guide reports. A new wrinkle: It will take place in real time.

"Golden Hour" is medical jargon for the crucial first hour after a trauma, which can often be the difference between life and death. Basically, expect an intense, traumatic hour.

There's Our Girl Mer

It's unclear why Meredith is in charge, but it's an intriguing concept.

We saw something similar on Private Practice earlier this season in the immediate aftermath of Charlotte's attack, with events unfolding in real time or very close to it.

As long as they don't bring back the documentary film crew in all its camera shaking, expletive-bleeping glory, this could be a good episode - and a defining moment for Mer.

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Go on girl! Easily, Meredith is my favourite character. I'm sad that it's coming to the end of her time on GA, knowing that we may only have one more season with her but she's been amazing. No offence to her fans, but i fear that if Little Grey does take over the reigns and become the main Grey in GA she won't live up to the hype that surrounds the character Meredith. Lexie is too bratty for my liking. We are numerous episode's behind the current showing here in the Uk, so i will have to wait a while longer before i can watch.


Oh, they grew up so fast...


Kinda makes me wonder who the patient is, if it's going to be so dramatic?


It is about time that Merder have their more waiting .or teasing if they want us to enjoy Merder hopes and dreams and ours two they should hurry up . Where is their home ,where is their babies,and they should forget about giving them any kind of illnesses . Before Ellen and Dempsey says farewell.they were honest about it and said that season eight is their last season.wake up an smell the coffee


I loved that she admitted she became a softcore.. I hope we'll see kickass Mer soon!


Just what I've been waiting for. So happy Meredith admitted, out loud, that she's been soft core lately. Can't wait to see the kick ass Meredith we met in Season 1 return and show us why she should be considered for chief resident ;)


I agree I can't wait to see Merdith (ellen Pompeo) in the gold hour epsiode. I love all the earlier eposides with her in it. She rocks. That is why I keep coming back to the show . I hope she gets pregant in the show and becomes cheif resdient. She is a great doctor. Its not her fault she was born into a screwd up family.


although i am sooo happy and excited that mer is having an episode all about her, (biggest mer fan) but isn't it ridiculous that GREY'S anatomy will have a show all about meredith? like wow. her name is in the title and we are all excited that she has her own episode?! she IS the main character after all and the show used to be revolved around her! every episode was centered on her and she would always be the last thing we see before the credits appear. but we forget that now since the show should be called torres' anatomy or robbin's anatomy or calzona's anatomy.


I'm really excited for this episode. We need one that's really about Mer this season and I think it's great that we're really going to be seeing her ass a doctor. I want to see more on her and Derek's relationship but i definitely want to see her as a doctor as well. Very, very excited for this.


Yay, go Mer!! :)

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