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Maggie Q Teases "Big Twist" Ahead on Nikita

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Alex free from Division? Nikita and Michael doing something other than gun-pointing? The CW trying to tweak the tone of Nikita?

When Maggie Q spoke to TV Line this week, she had plenty to say about the second half of season one. We've posted a few excerpts from the interview below.

Does Alex living outside Division help Nikita?
I don’t think it does help Nikita very much. In fact, it’s going to make her life more difficult. She got promoted too early, which created a complication for them. Nikita trained her well, but too well. Nikita worried about this, that if she didn’t understand the role she was playing she would prematurely move to a level that she wasn’t ready for. Now that Alex is on the outside, it doesn’t mean they can work together, since she’s being monitored.

Where are things going with Michael and Nikita?
We’re going to see a very big twist in their relationship... they can’t point guns at each other forever. There’s something deeper at stake for both of them, and there’s something about their past we still don’t know about.

What about those rumored tweaks?
Here’s my goal: I want to make a seriously dark show, and not on a network that has ever done that. And I have to say that ‘til now, we’ve been pretty lucky to make the show we’ve wanted to. The CW has been very generous, and not too nervous about that. I know the young female demo is what’s important to them, but the reality is we can’t make a show that 40-year-old men like that 13-year-old girls like too.

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Prefer Alex with Michael...


Wouldnt it be awsome if nakita and micheal had a kid im happy as long as they endup together


I want to see more Micheal/Nikita


Mikita!! On yes!!!


Yes, I can't wait to see more of Michael and Nikita together.


I still don't know why they are they want to tweak this show. I'm a sixteen year old girl and it's one of my favorites


Yes, we get to see more nikita/michael action.