New Gossip Girl Clip: "The Kids Are Not All Right"

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"I think I have a plan that can get us both what we want." - Chuck

In this latest sneak peek from Monday's all-new Gossip Girl, a dapper Chuck approaches (via limo, natch) Serena with a proposition. What that is, we don't know ... but the future of Bass Industries hangs in the balance and he needs her assistance, pronto.

But what's in it for her?

Before Chuck's arrival, meanwhile, Dan looks quite interested in his ex. This clip likely takes place before some of the Dair tension we showed you earlier. Check it out:

What's Chuck's plan? How does it involve S? Will Dair hook up? Discuss!

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Never a big fan of Dan and Serena, sorry. Love Chuck in the limo Lmfao!!!!!


There is aaalllways someone or something interrupting whenever Dan and Serena are about to get together and make some progress.. Seriously, did anyone notice?!!! It's getting old... Just let them be together already!


people, face it, derena's gonna be endgame.. they have loads of fans.. probably the most after chuck and blair so it doesnt really matter if u dont want them to end up together because majority of the fans love them and they're gonna have to be endgame or the writers are gonna get hate mails.. but i agree, dan and serena should end up at the end, not right now..


Why can't we be back in season one when this kind of thing would of been ORIGINAL, the styling was so much better! Chucks scarf, not messed up hair that made hi, actually look hot, Blairs headbands... it needs to come back because i'm getting fed up of this half assed gossip girl!


i hope that in the endgame we'll have derena, but right now i dont think it's a good idea dan and serena back together. i mean, serena doesn't have true feelings for dan and she looks so...boring! by the way, c'mon BLAKE, WHAT'S HAPPENING WITH YOU? Serena used to be so fun, and now she's boring, soooo boring. i think Gossip Girl needs something new like dair, or gonna be boring as the new serena.


Hang on, Dan still has feelings for Serena? Now that's SHOCKING! Where do the writers come up with these brand new plots? Do they rent the first sesaon or do they have to remember it all by themselves?


Gosh!! Dan and Serena again, seriously??? Maan just when I thought this season was getting intersting, you had to go back to the worst part of season 1??? whomever writes this show, please do both of these actors and the audience a favor, and don´t bring Dan and Serena into the picture!! AGAIN!!we are tired of them, even the actors whom play them obviously prefer to have their characters killed off, rather than filming as a couple so what´s the point in put this beyond boring scenes?? AGAIN!!!


What?! NO! I don't want SerenaxDan!... I want Dair!! :(


I love Chuck's hair, it very old hollywood. His late season 1 hair is very high school like and makes Ed look like he is in high school and no one would take him seriously and season 4 hair is almost early season 1 hair. Chuck has the best hair on the CW this year. Ian (Damon) did until TVD stylist decided on the mess he donning now. what is it that season 2, your hair must be crappy looking as Chuck had crappy hair in season 2.
PS way to rocked the scarf.



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