Nikita Episode Promo: "Coup De Grace"

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Nikita returned this week with the introduction of Alex into a world outside Division, along with the introduction of her new, mysterious neighbor.

Looking ahead a few days, the show will air "Coup De Grace" on February 3. Look for Alex to be ordered to kill the Prince of Georgia at a museum gala during this installment, but also for her and Nikita to devise a scheme of their own.

But what happens when Division learns of this alternate plan? Michael is sent in to kill Nikita.


Does anyone know the song used for the promo/preview for this episode, "Coup De Grace" - it is a male vocalist or band. It was played during the promo/previews after last week's episode "Free" - so the song was playing during the preview/promo at the end of last weeks show. Thanks so much!


@jeneit then why do you watch or comment?


This show sucks,,

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