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I am a big fan of the Original 90210 and i am 19 years old, i started watching it on Sony every day and animax, and i started watching this show at fiste season and then some episodes of season 2 and then just 0 episodes of season 3 because its to boring, i realy dont mind if they dont know how to act but at least give them some good stoylines, and for wath it mathers they dont even look or live like rich ppl. And you are going to say that if i dont like the show why em i in this seccion? i open TVFANATIC.Com and i just could not resist to tell how do i see this show and iven i can give them some good new storylines just ask and il give them FOR FREE. This show just got boring at all, i am a fan of Gossip Girl and the show got a little boring to but at least some characters are intence on the episodes, but this show its just the twilight zone and the wors of all? they are going to have a season 4 :s ... --!


@PeterW: Didn't I say I actually LIKE the idea of copying old storylines? I think this is the angle the show should have taken from the start, offering nuggets to former viewers while coming across as fresh to new ones.
I backed up my argument with some facts/references, so please try to do the same in a coherent rebuttal instead of just cursing me out. I appreciate any and all disagreement, as long as it's respectful.


what a pile of bullshit if u haven't got anything positive to say then just shut up some people love 90210 and are not as old as to to remember the old one and its like brain austin green said people who watched the old one shouldn't be watching a TEEN drama !!!!!!!


cindy and jim left after season 5

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