The Good Wife Questions: Answered!

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We're just days away from the 2011 premiere of The Good Wife.

With one of TV's best dramas on the way back, TV Line spoke to producers and collected answered to a handful of burning questions. Such as:

When will the state's attorney election take place? “We moved it back a little because we were having so much fun with Anika [Noni Rose] and Titus [Welliver]," said Michelle King, saying the race will be decided soon after the 14th episode of the season.

What role will Tim Guinee play? "Wiley, a stay-at-home dad who is dragged back into being an investigator for the state’s attorney,” says King. He'll “be a threat to Kalinda and Blake. These three could hurt and help each other in so many different ways.”

What about Kalinda's personal life? Lana Delaney (played by Jill Flint), the FBI agent who got close to Kalinda on the first season finale, will return.

As for Will and Alicia? “Will seems to be in a very serious, growing relationship, so what is [Alicia] going to do with this new information?” King asks. “She hates that missed connection. She wants to complete that connection.”

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We're trying to watch tonight's episode with a storm outside raging. The cable keeps going in and out. Question: What did Jacki Florick say to Alecia in the hospital room before Peter came in?


Good Wife. How did Blake find out about Kalind's one night stand with Peter?


Who gets credit for the clossing song, The Bells say no, no, no on the Real Deal episode? The song was great and is cought in my head.

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