The Real Housewives of Atlanta Review: "Flamingo Road Block"

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Oh yes she did.

When the finger-wagging begins, you know there is gonna be some crazy drama on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. NeNe Leakes saw to it that this rule was reinforced last night.

NeNe's first on-air celebrity interview (with Jermaine Dupri) aired in "Flamingo Road Block," leading to a much-anticipated all-out blow-out between Nene and Kim Zolciak.

Oh No You Di'nt!

OH IT'S SO ON: When the finger comes out, you best LOOK out.

Meanwhile, Cynthia and Peter's wedding is in jeopardy now that Peter had to shut down his supper club due to financial problems. It's hard being 50-year-old Peter sometimes.

Phaedra keeps on trying to balance her hectic life as a mom and lawyer, while Kandi finally reached her breaking point with Kim and Sweetie riding on the bus tour from hell.

That's only the beginning ... where do we even start with all this?

In what can only be called the "Unmagical Unmysterious" bus tour, things seem to be going anything but smoothly. Kim's demands for smoke break stops didn't help matters.

Not only did this set the bus tour schedule back, it aggravated Kandi beyond belief.

Waking up at the crack, hollering for Sweetie as if she were Jackie Gleason on leave, Kim's constant demands for B-12 shots, smokes and booze have fried Kandi's nerves. 

Kim invited Nene to join the tour and meet them in Orlando to Kandi's displeasure.

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I think the housewives of Atlanta,individually, would be abit boring without NeNe around them. The others are much more laid-back. You need to have someone in the group who makes you wonder: "Now,what is THIS person going to do or say NEXT... and to WHOM?" NeNe, to me, keeps the show lively and interesting ! I don't take it seriously at all.


nene is the most vulgar, classless, non-educated of all housewives. it is shameful to see her. her hair, her face, her style... all of it .... she is plain ugly. actually she is the reason i stopped watching them (the lawyer too). nene move to california...( with the exception of paris hilton brunette aunt... she is vulgar too) you will learn some class with bh housewives.

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