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Psych concluded a tremendous fifth season late last month. How did various aspects of this USA stack up? What grade would we give it? Find out now...

Best Episode(s): A tie between "One, Maybe Two, Ways Out" and "Extradition II: The Actual Extradition Part." What made these episodes so great was their integration of the Shawn and Juliet plot within the greater context of the story.

Worst Episode: "Ferry Tale" did nothing to advance what seemed to be the larger goal of this season: character growth both as a group and as individuals.

Psych Cast Shot

Best Character: Hands down, John Michael Higgins as Clive Prescott. In Psych’s homage to Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Higgins played the quintessential gentleman, capable of seducing any woman he wanted, but specialized in educating younger men in the art of seducing the classiest of cougars.

Worst Character: Mr. Yin. But it's not his fault. While Peter Weller’s portrayal of Mr. Yin was satisfyingly creepy, the Psych writers deserve a slap on the wrist for creating such an intriguing and compelling serial killer only to leave us with more questions than answers.

Best Performance: The actors from Twin Peaks when they guest starred on "Dual Spires." Ray Wise, Sherilynn Fenn, Robyn Lively, Dana Ashbrook, Lenny Von Dohlen, Sheryl Lee and Catherine Coulson were epic additions to the regular cast and the episode was a pop culture gold mine.

Hopes for next season: With the cliffhanger leaving us wondering what Carlton will do with the revelation of Shawn and Juliet’s relationship, the one thing all Shules fans can hope for is that Carlton will attribute what he saw to a figment of his imagination.

Prior to that, I’d like an episode where we get to see a day in the life of Chief Vick. It would be a change in pace and focus, but I am dying to get more involvement from the Chief in the day to day operations of the department.

I also would love to see some vampire spoofing, and some baseball spoofing; we already know there’s a department softball team. What I hope for most out of season six is the epic musical that creator Steve Franks has been promising since at least season four. It’s high time and I know that when they hammer out a concept it will end in epic-ness and highly demanded soundtrack so Psych-os everywhere can sing-along to.

Overall Grade: A.

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SHAWN AND JULIET TOGETHER AT LAST!!!!!!! WOOOOHOOOO!!! That's the best thing i took from season 5. I am so happy that they are finally a couple. But in general i only liked the second half of the season and my favorite episodes were Dead Bear Walking, In Plain Fright, Dual Spires, Yang 3 in 2D and Extradition II. Absolutely hated Shawn 2.0 and Ferry Tale UGGGH! And my biggest complaint was that there was very little focus on Lassiter and also in the first half of the season they completely ignored all of the developments that happened between the characters in season 4 especially between Lassiter and Juliet and Shawn and Juliet. That was a serious mistake and really annoyed me. For season 6 they need to focus more on the actual characters and less on the guest stars. I don't watch the show to see the big guest star of the week i watch it for the wonderful cast that we have. Juliet is by far my favorite character and i expected much more than what we actually got in the first half of season 5. That being said i love that Shawn and Juliet are together and i am expecting some great things from that relationship in season 6. But season 3 is still my favorite season in general.


I think I was a bit of a sucker for the personal development that happened throughout this season. I agree, the third installment was a letdown. It's like they should have invested in a fourth or a two-part finale or something. They had so much they needed to complete and it just didn't all get resolved. I was in a awe of the Hitchcock episode last season and wish they could have kept that quality and momentum. As a whole, though, the season really was bigger and better than last season, though I find myself rewatching season four episodes regularly!


Personally, I like the fourth season better than the fifth. I was able to get more laugh out loud and seriously scary moments in the previous seasons than this latest one. The conclusion to Mr. Yin was such a let-down. I remember how great the Hitchcock episode was compared to this season's conclusion. It was bad. However, there were definitely funny memorable episodes in this season too.


I do remember her daughter Iris...she's like three or four now, right? I want to know what she looks like, I would also like to see who they would cast as her husband...that would be a fun guest star....who would be good for that roll?


"A Day in the Life of Chief Vick" would, in fact, be cool. For one thing, we might get to see the child she had way back in season one (two?). Remember him? (Her?)

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