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In the words of Buzz McNab: “Holy crap...that was great.”

Psych kicked its winter season with more delicious flavor than should be allowed on television.

Overall, "Extradition II: The Actual Extradition Part" was a real winner in more ways than one. Cary Elwes was genius as the smooth diabolical criminal, while nothing says “We’re back!” more than a trip to Canada. Similarly, the decision to have Juliet appear there early on made sure viewers’ attention was directed at the crime at hand, rather than the much anticipated resolution of Shawn and Juliet’s relationship.

Return of Shawn and Gus

While I wanted to cringe at the fact Shawn had to protect Despereaux at the cost of finally confessing his feelings to Juliet face-to-face, we were more than rewarded by Shawn’s proclamation that he was thinking about getting a car.

Props to the character for not taking the easy out and walking away - it was about time. But was anyone a little disappointed that the pair proceeded to make-out like teenagers in not just one, but THREE separate locations to end the episode?

Now, don’t get angry at me, I love me some Shules - but there are classier ways to do it, and after the summer finale, I expected nothing less than a small speech about having waited too long to tell her how he feels and a romantic kiss... which was not what they resorted to.

The speech, however, was executed in a very Shawn-like manner, mainly the roundabout anecdote with a heartfelt punch line, and that’s something anyone could really appreciate.  But I’m also left wondering how Shawn happened to know that Juliet was at this observation deck, considering it is not the Capilano Suspension Bridge featured in Extradition I?

Chat with Despereaux

For anyone simply watching for the Shawn and Gus bromance, this was a fun episode, as Shanwn’ s propensity to get the duo into trouble drowned out any of Gus’ valid objections once again, starting from accepting the all-expense-paid trip in the first place. My favorite conversation included Gus contemplating eating Shawn alive after two days if they hadn’t made it to civilization.

Similarly, this case was as fun as usual, thanks to all the twists and turns that kept you guessing right until the end. Poor Despereaux... should have known Valaria was just using him, but, alas, he was blinded by love.

The one appearance Henry made in the episode was a win because it was perhaps the first and last time we will ever hear him utter the words “butt dialed” throughout the course of the series. If Shawn had his way, it would also be the last time they discussed his love life in general.

Anyone wondering what it will do Shawn and Juliet to have both Gus, Buzz and especially Henry in on their relationship under the strict policy against inter-office romance? Star James Roday, in an interview on the Psych website, indicated it will come into play later on this season.

Wouldn’t it be a little weird if Shawn’s parents, who would never have met if not for Madeline’s psych evaluation of Henry way back in the day, had had to worry about such a policy? There would be no Psych - so, it stands to reason, that it’s not going to be too big an issue.

Hey, I’m just one person, though, what did you think of this week’s episode? Was it as epic as you had anticipated? What do you think of Shawn and Juliet’s make-out session?  Most importantly: Will what happens in Canada stay in Canada?

Extradition II: The Actual Extradition Part Review

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