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The season two premiere of V kicked off right where the show left us in the spring. Overall, "Red Rain" was certainly not lacking for answers.

Erica and Company

The sky is red and people everywhere are nervous and fearful that the world is ending. Sure, after the riots and fights, everyone is dancing and believing the Visitors caused the rain to heal the earth from years of destruction, but only the Fifth Column knows better than to believe what Anna is dishing out.

It's hard for me to swallow that the Fifth Column comprise  the only people that mistrust the Visitors. Wouldn't the government be a little more suspicious? I understand America is all about equality and trust, but we're dealing with aliens here! It would be nice to see the President and his cabinet be a little more involved.

In any case, Erica realizes that she needs to get up to the mother ship and find out what is going on. Conveniently, Tyler wants to get up there too to creep on see Lisa.

I was surprised that Anna didn't hear Lisa whisper the name of the doctor to Erica. Lisa is really walking on egg shells. I have a bad feeling that her mother will soon find out that she is the traitor - especially since Joshua has no recollection of ever being a traitor to his own kind.

Funny enough, Dr. Watts' assistant ends up being the guy the Fifth Column and the Visitors are after. This guy looks like an average dorky college student and he has a secret lair that not only has all the info on the red rain, but a skeleton of one of the Visitors. And Alpha ain't pretty! Hopefully, we won't have to see the Visitors in their flesh anytime soon. I like pretending that they look like us.

Now armed with boy genius, the Fifth Column figures out that this red rain is a tool the Visitors will use in order to help impregnate humans with alien babies. What's really interesting in this scene is Erica putting together a strange puzzle piece. When she gave birth to Tyler, her phosphorus levels were extremely high. Could this mean that Erica or Tyler are half alien? It is apparent that Anna believes Tyler is a vital key to their species, but why?

Thankfully, Ryan does not turn his back on the Fifth Column. He realizes that the light Anna sheds on her people is a bunch of BS and he knows that it is Anna who murdered Val. After tying to escape with his baby girl, Anna sends him back to earth. Why doesn't she kill him? She knows that he will go back to the Fifth Column. What are her motives here?

Interesting enough, the other Visitors believe that Anna may be showing signs of human emotion. As we all know that this is true, Anna goes to pretty big extremes to show her people otherwise. I cringed when watching the blood spew all over the other aliens.

By the end of the episode, Anna again shows some emotion when she kills off the remainder of her soldier babies. Do you think this means Anna is getting soft? Is this why her mom shows up? So many questions. I loved this start of a new season and look forward to seeing what Diana has in store for us!


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Ha, my quote was better, but it's actually
first they want to invade us, now they want to shag us.
Either way, Hobbes is getting a sense of humour, I love it.


You missed the best quote by my man Hobbes!!!!!
"First they want to get into us, now they want to shag us?"
Paraphrasing the first part because I don't recall it exactly.... has to do with the compound they were injecting into humans.... So if Ty and Lisa have a baby, it will be 3/4 V if Ty is half V - question - if he IS half V, how come Ryan's baby who is also half V looks like a lizard? She takes more after the father, I guess.


The secret plan about red sky, is that the rain is really preparing humans for alien impregnation or whatever. It's full of phosphorus. I was happy that they finally addressed the issue of why Erica's husband/Tyler's dad doesn't believe that he is really Tyler's dad thing, and Erica swears she never cheated or anything. I mean, they kind of left that issue hanging and we were left to ponder, 'Well what's up with that', Did she cheat and not remember? Who wants to bet that Tyler is a 1/2 human, 1/2 V baby experiment. 'Cause you know the V have been here for a long time living among us...


The reason Anna sent back Ryan to the fifth column is because she knows there will be a time when Ryan can be good use to her to attack the Fifth column from the inside since she has Ryan's daughter to threaten. Questions
What is secret plan about the Red Sky?
When will all the hundred ships come to earth?
What is the "grand" plan Anna has been so called achieving?

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V Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Erica: Why did you do this?
Anna: You killed my children, so I killed yours.

(to Erica) Mom, what is this? What did you do to us?