Vampire Diaries Exclusive, Part 2: Julie Plec Speaks to TV Fanatic

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Last month, we sat down with Julie Plec. The Vampire Diaries producer teased a "dark place" ahead on the show, going into detail on werewolves, the appearance of Klaus, and, of course, Ian Somerhalder shirtless.

Below, we've posted part two of this interview. Will Delena fans ever get their ultimate wish? Read on. Find out.

Should we be more afraid of Klaus or Elijah?
They’re both pretty badass. That’s a good question. Elijah scares the hell out of me because he’s so even-tempered, and he’s a man of honor. Men of honor who just show up and speak very quietly, but can do a lot of damage in an instant, those guys are pretty scary dudes. Klaus right now is just an enigma.

Nobody knows what he looks like, nobody knows who he is. Is the myth greater than the man as the legends become more powerful than the man himself? Or is the legend just the tip of the iceberg? That’s what’s most scary about him. Nobody has any idea what to except. Until we meet, Klaus I think its going to have to be a toss-up.

How or why do the Originals have such power?
It’s a combination of a lot of things. This is stuff we’ll be exploring and explaining as the season goes along. When you’re the first of your kind, there’s a lot of things that go into that, whether you want to call it mystical or creationism. However you want to label it, they’re different, and it all goes back to them. They by definition have things no other vampire does.

Will Katherine stick around?
Right now, she’s being held against her will in the tomb, which is a fun situation to see Katherine in. The spell has been broken, but Elijah has compelled her to stay in there, until he says otherwise. For someone like Katherine, who’s used to getting what she wants, that’s gotta be an infuriating situation to be in. We’ll see how long that lasts, and she might be stuck in there forever. It’ll make for a lot of cranky Katherine.

Are there any new supernatural characters coming to Mystic Falls?
You never know. When we come back after the holiday break, we’ll be focusing on our werewolf chapter, and continuation of Elijah and the deal that he’s made with Elena.

Can we trust Elijah?
That is the question, the big question. He calls himself a man of honor, and he seems like somebody who would hold up his end of the deal. But he’s an Original and he’s a vampire so it’s a big character questions and a big call for Elena herself to make, if she can trust this guy. It’ll be interesting to see how that plays out.

Is Luka genuinely interested in Bonnie?
All I can say about Luka is he’s very conflicted, and that we’ll learn more about his relationship to his dad, theirs relationship to Elijah, and why Luka is so conflicted in the coming episodes.

In a summation, what can you tell us about the second half of season two?
We’ve set a lot of things in motion, and we’re going to come to the end of what we’re calling our werewolf chapter, which will really take that story to a really dark place and really change a lot of characters lives, not necessarily in a good way. We are going to dig deeper into the secrets of our new witches and what Bonnies role is going to be in their story, and of course, it's all about the fear of the impending Klaus, and who’s going to be fighting on who’s side, who’s bond is with who, who’s going to betray whom, and is this curse going to be lifted at the hands of a sacrifice that would kill Elena. We’re full steam ahead.

Some fans have to know: Will Elena and Damon EVER get together?
If at any point in the life of this series, that could go on forever and ever, I think that if we didn’t go down that road eventually, we wouldn’t be doing our jobs right. But, I would never say when or how or to what end. I can only say that it’s a show predicated on a girl coming back to life and her development of love for one brother who then, because of who she is, changes the life of the other brother and that’s our show. There are roads we can go down with that in the future, for sure, so stay tuned.


happy am not the only one i am sick nd tired of hearing about damon nd delena i am a fan but its very exausting the show just suck wit the never ending damon and elena scene nd not giving the rest of the cast more than a min nd stefan never gets a credit i just hope the producers change the show before they loose a lot of audience because of horny tenagers coz we will hate the show and damons character more for wht they plan to give us sorry but whoever starts to rise first will fall first eventualy and the damon fandom is ridiculous other than his looks and the constant chasing ndwits he has nothing to offer i rather see the show canceld than to watch the same old thing all over again nd i am team the underdogs stefan,bon,car,matt everyone who never get the same recognition by the danm producers.nd i agree wit who ever said the damon's diarie!!


Dear Vampire Diaries fans, "I can only say that it’s a show predicated on a girl coming back to life and her development of love for one brother who then, because of who she is, changes the life of the other brother and that’s our show" This tv show as the story is about Stefan and Elena epic - forever - always - teenage love, as far as I understand. That is something what's never going to be changed, according to every statement or interview/ i.e. teaser by both ex producers, and I don't see what is your problem. The current popularity of Damon, who is literally the only character with development on the show so far, was absolutely unpredictable when they started with the show. It is total nonsence to complain about it. Everyone should enjoy this show for his favorite character. You just should enjoy your favorite brother and use Damon as a total jerk to love Stefan even more. And Elena will never change her mind about Stefan, her brain and state of mind will be in stage of 17 forever - which is beautiful, and your precious love will be all around you . Enjoy


I love TVD and a great interview from JP. However all the comments just ruins. Why is it that every interview/article has to turn into Damon-bashing. I love ALL the characters in TVD, esp the Salvatore brothers but the whole shipper war is such a putoff! If it's not Delena fans complaining about not enough Damon/Elena scenes than it's Stelena fan moaning about Damon chasing Elena. I am yet to see that!


@Amanda yes so true!!!! this is literally the "damon show" or the "the Damon diaries"and i'm tired of everyone giving him all this attention and praise he doesn't deserve..I honestly think stefan deserve the attention more than damon...but i love BOTH brothers i just wish the fandoms would stop! this is my first time speaking my heart about the fandoms and I'm sick of it...I just hope the writers want give into the Damon/delena obsession that everyone wants because it's their story not ours and we don't have a say in it...but i have a gut feeling they are heading that way :(


Fans originally loved Damon and Stefan because they were an equal balance of both nice and badass. I hope now that Elijah and Klaus are so feared that Stefan and Damon don't evolve into good guys. And Katherine is the original badass girl vamp. Katherine's popularity is astounding and to limit her story line to being stuck in the tomb indefinitely would be a disaster. I propose getting Katherine back into the story line.


TVDFAN Well put! Completely agree. I also enjoy both brothers. However, I'm finding more and more the "Damon Fans" are becoming almost bullies. It is like, if Damon doesn't get all the important storylines and gets his brothers girlfriend. Damon fans say sarcastic things about Stefan. Never once have I ever heard a Damon fan compliment anything Stefan does. Yet fans of the other characters give Damon compliments. So tired of the show becoming the "Damon Show".


Gosh this show is becoming more and more uninteresting because everything is about DAMON!!! i wish people would just enjoy the show and the amazing storyline instead of watching their favorite please stop complaining about damon has nobody and awww poor damon this and that and just watch the show!!!! I can feel the writers giving into what delena fans want because all they do is complain..complain..complain!! damon is sooo overrated and doesn't really do anything but try to steal his younger brothers girlfriend and once stefan does all the work the writers always have damon "save the day" when it should be stefan..seriously julie and kevin give stefan some good material!!....I'm team both brothers but all this damon fandom is making me lean towards stefan more..i think his work is more heavier but yet he's the less appreciated...most damon fans( some not all) like damon more because they think he is hotter than stefan...but stop all the favorites and just enjoy the darn show already!!! this is not meant to attack but to open people's eyes towards the show instead of favorite characters..but i doubt what i said will change anything people will still watch the favorites and continue to talk about damon damon damon!!


I miss the old Damon. I think they went to far with his transformation.


Is it possible to just enjoy the show. All we hear is Damon Damon Damon. God some of the Damon fans are ruining the show for the rest of us who just want to enjoy it.


The Vampire Diaries is a fabulous show. Has everything, beautiful people, horror, blood/guts, sex and love. The only problem is that everything has to include the Damon character. Don't misunderstand me he is great to watch. I just get tired of the fans complaining he's not in every scene. I love all the characters and want to see an entire show with all the characters. Not just a guy chasing and acting all highschool with his brother's girlfriend.

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