Who is Getting a Baby on One Tree Hill?

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Note the unusual wording of this post's headline.

That's because no main character is getting knocked up on One Tree Hill, but insiders say a couple may soon become parents nonetheless. Huh?

Look for the show to introduce a pregnant woman* who is seeking parents for her child. This recurring character will stick around for as many as four episodes and simply won't be prepared to be a mother.

Who on the series will give the baby the upbringing it deserves? It seem obvious, but let the guessing game begin!

* UPDATE: We think we know who it will be.

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the baby will be given to brooke :) absolutely! :) but I have no idea who is the one who's pregnant... if the show introduces her, it seems that we don't know her yet


brooke and julian duh! although i think that kind of sucks not because i think brooke doesnt deserve to be happy because she does but because its going to be so boring once everybody gets what they wished for! that may be nice in real life but not on TV!


the baby will be given to brooke :)

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Guess this is my lucky day.


You know, sometimes people play hard-to-get because they need to know the other person's feelings are real.

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