90210 Episode Trailer: Annie vs. Emily!

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Next week on 90210, it... is... so... on.

On "Revenge of the Nerd," the feud between Annie and Emily escalated, but that's nothing compared to what's in store on "It's High Time." How so? Find out via the following preview:

Elsewhere on the upcoming 90210 installment:

  • Silver tells Navid to sign the release for Adrianna's reality show.
  • Naomi struggles with her feelings for Max.
  • Ivy meets a new guy.
  • Dixon, Navid and Liam take Teddy out of town.

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Emily is a real big slutty tramp of a harlot she is a Jezebel and whore and I want her to fall into an abyss, I hope Liam and Annie exposé Emily for the real whore she is, and then Naomi, silver, and Adrianna will all see Annie was right and they will be sorry and want Annie back as a friend...


If I were Annie, I would destroy Emily in a discreet way wherein she won't see it coming. It's about plotting Blair Waldorf style instead of making herself come out as someone crazy or in need of attention.


I hope Emily gets what she deserves. At first I thought Annie was being a bit of bitch. But Emily was still scheming after Annie apologized. It seems like Annie is always the one being alienated for things she didn't do. First for supposedly sleeping with Liam and now this. C'mon give the girl a break.


Why is it always Annie that gets the bad end of things? First Naomi falsely accuses her for sleeping with Liam, messing up her life for an entire season, she deals with the the whole stalker Jasper crap, and now her cousin's trying to ruin her life? Can't the author make her carefree for a while???


I hope that this isnt or of those Annie storylines that take up a whole season to Get resolved like the terrible hit and run storyline!


let us not underestimate annie's friendship with the other girls. of course they will all side with her. i think the confrontation is all part of adrianna's reality show. emily sucks!!!


i actually like emily, annie is a bit of a bitch even if emily is crazy :P


You're welcome Yv. :)


Oh god I hope you're right, then maybe this might not kill the tiny bit of fun I still have watching this show.


AAh really?? yay! :D Thanks for sharing @aries93

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.