ABC Family Picks Up The Lying Game

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ABC Family has likely found a companion series for Pretty Little Liars.

The network has picked up a pilot based on The Lying Game, a novel written by Sara Shepard, the author behind Pretty Little Liars. It will debut this fall and focus on a teenage girl named Emma (Alexandra Chando) who grew up in foster care and was adopted by a rich family...

... only to meet her twin sister, with whom she comes together to track down the pair's birth mother. During this mission, Emma's sibling goes missing. Sounds intriguing, no?

The Lying Game

Along with Chandro, the following actors/actresses have signed on for The Lying Game:

  • Blair Redford
  • Kristen Prout
  • Helen Slater
  • Andy Buckley
  • Sharon Pierre-Louis
  • Allie Gonino
  • Alice Greczyn

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@may they did private a series actualy a Web series but it was like a movie because all episodes get a total of 93 minutes and well like a movie and as for the news well we ned to se tre video promo and see if wee like it beecause its to simple, i mean they are twins but that does not mean they have to hate the same hare cut, they look the same but they are so not the same so make my belibe it.


I am sorry but PLL does not at all relate to the amazing books. The Lying Game shouldn't be ruined as well.


Interested to watch this! I hope they find a way to make it just as good as PLL cause I thought The Secret Life was a dismal show.


This is a great book! I read it twice :) I hope they can make this as interesting and independent from the book as they did PLL!


sara sheppard loves twins. right?
this is an okay idea. i dont like PLL anymore and im in the middle of this book. well see.


* Blair Redford = ethan
* Kristen Prout = laurel or charlotte
* Sharon Pierre-Louis = nisha maybe
* Alice Greczyn = madeline
at least that's what i think


OMFG!!!!!!!!!!! i died. i just finished it. it's SOOOOOO damn good. i couldn't be happier. i can't wait


omg omg omg No Fucking Way !! sorry but Sara is so great adn all of my favorite books are becoming tv shows!!!! Only thing left is Private


Wow!! It's gonna be amazing!! I'm totally gonna watch it!!


I will NOT watch this if Kristen Sprout is in it. She is the most annoying actress i hav ever seen!. I din't like her at all on Kyle XY.
I was a Jesse fan!

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