Ed Westwick Ready to Move on From Gossip Girl?

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A quote attributed to Ed Westwick hints at some dissatisfaction with Gossip Girl of late, as the actor has reportedly claimed that he is ready to move on.

Ed, who plays Chuck Bass, allegedly told Tatler (via Digital Spy, we can't find the original link) he doesn't think he can get anything more out of Chuck.

"It's all about the work, you know," he said. "The feeling you get when you connect to the work. And that's what I had with Chuck Bass in the beginning."

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NOT FEELING IT: Has Ed about had it with playing Chuck?

"I was fascinated by him. But now, to be completely honest, I'm ready to do something else," the UK native adds. "Really ready to do something else."

If that quote is true, do you sympathize with Ed? Has the character run its course, or is Chuck being misused by the writers? Leave a comment below.

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Well, I hope your original comments didn't mean that Ed had exhausted his acting talent and that he was unable to give us the Chuck that we used to enjoy so. Within the context of the above article, it kind of sounded as if you were suggesting that Ed couldn't muster up talent anymore, and couldn't work the recent parts as well as before. It's only in your subsequent comment, you address the fact that it's not his fault after all. His recent attitude is pretty much in synch with that of other cast members. The show no longer provides the same satisfaction to both fans and actors alike. In the beginning, the guy was obviously enjoying himself, was proud of his work, as he never disappointed but rather surprised fans episode after episode. Even for small parts people used to say, "Chuck was great as usual." Never so much praise went to any other male actor on the show. He made the fans happy, as the show itself was pretty watchable back then. He obviously cannot be equally proud of his work anymore. He is now being miscast, if you will, and that's a travesty. I suppose we should be lucky he is faking it through, because the contract requires him to keep going, and the guy is merely saving face. It is only so much he can do. I assure you that it's difficult to keep a straight face when it smells bad, even if you're getting paid well. Sooner or later, it gets to you. Nobody likes having trash shoved down their throat. That's reality. If anything, he should be commended for not getting his shorts in a bunch under the circumstances and start acting out in his private life.


90, I'm not confused: that's why I'm using the name "Chuck" when talking about Chuck, and not the name "Ed". I do think Ed has been phoning it in lately, though. Sure, he's talented, but lately he either has to play boring stuff or out of character nonsense, so I can't really blame him for phoning it in.


@90 - You are correct, I forgot about him having gotten that part. Do not get me wrong, I hope Ed goes far. I like what I have seen of him on GG, and I hope all of the cast finds work when they are done on the show. I merely question if Ed will be able to break out of Chuck. I hope you didn't take what I said wrong, I do not wish anything but good for the entire cast, its just that with anything there will be winners and losers - some of these actors will unfortunately not do much if anything after GG, that's just Hollywood.


That would be great!


Oh man.. without Chuck Bass? i mean i don't know what to say. i just hope Ed don't just leave GG.. He has been work for so long time filming GG.. just please don't give up.. is not worth it..


Didn't Ed recently land a role in the upcoming movie about Hoover? A role opposite of Clint Eastwood and Leonardo DeCaprio? Why he wouldn't get anymore work in Hollywood after that? @Lulu
You're confusing the plots Ed was involved in with his acting ability. You're stuck on what impression the character (not Ed) made on the audience. This has nothing to do with his ability to act. My guess is that people who understand his talent also understand his frustration of seeing the character he plays used aimlessly, making it for uninspiring work ethic. And the TV viewers who have too much GG on their mind are equally frustrated with the lack of recent character development in Chuck, but can't separate TV from reality. A lot of people still forget that this guy is evolving as a person. You may think that he has a great deal on GG, but you don't know what his dreams and aspirations are. It's quite obvious he desperately needs more inspiration in his career than he gets from these inane plots. He doesn't write, produce or direct the show. He can't dictate what happens on GG.


I sort of see where he is coming from, but obviously GG is not stopping him from doing anything. Leighton, Blake, Penn, and Taylor have all done other projects during GG which the show accommodated. No offense Ed, but I don't see you getting work in American entertainment after GG. Have you heard his normal voice? That doesn't go over well in America, so he'd have to use the Chuck voice, and will probably always be type cast as generic "Chuck" characters, using the "Chuck" voice. He wont work in Hollywood again, but could probably do some foreign stuff. Is that what he wants?


Chuck used to delight us because he was completely cynical. His ability to mastermind every situation wasn't used for any deeper purpose than his own amusement. As such, his character provided the perfect window on the spoiled, insulated teenage lives the show depicted. However, he truly cared about Nate and Blair. Nowadays, Chuck is all about this boring "living up to my father's expectations", and every scheme has some trumped-up purpose that seems stupid to the viewer. In short, the old Chuck would be making cynical cracks about almost everything the new Chuck does. Old Chuck was much smarter and cooler. New Chuck is a dork who can't even figure out what he wants or how to get it. Old Chuck was bored with everything, but knew how to get anything. Worst of all... Chuck and Blair. We always expected Chuck to be cruel to Blair, and to manipulate her emotionally, but we excused it on some level because he was damaged goods and his passion for her was obviously real and all-consuming. Nate didn't truly love her; Chuck did. Since then we get Chuck linked to an endless string of idiots: anonymous gentlemen's club chick, Vanessa, lil' J, euro-prostitute, Raina, et al. It simply degrades his love for Blair. We no longer believe that this bad boy is good for her because he's the only one who really gets her and loves her. Now we just hope Blair walks away from his train wreck, because he doesn't even understand or value her. It's a tragic situation for what should have been ongoing epic romance between them. Now it seems like Dan understands Blair much better, and is the only person around who might actually treat her well. God forbid the audience should take pleasure in that!


Chuck Bass puts the hot pepper on the show!!! Really ... If he wants to move on then GG must be done!! :) kisses


What a cute tiny girl behind Ed in the picture!! LOL :D I wanna hug her!!


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