Glee First Listen: Berry Covers Perry!

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Based on the conclusion of last night's Glee episode - Finn/Quinn alert! - Rachel might be in a very bad mood on tomorrow's "Silly Love Songs."

But at least the New Directions member has chosen an inspiring song to cover on the Valentine's Day-themed installment.

We've got your first listen at Lea Michele unleashing her version of "Firework" in the video below. Under what circumstance does Rachel belt out this single? You'll have to tune in to find out. But what will it sound like when she does? That answer awaits...

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I agree with most of the comments posted. I loved season 1 for the variety of songs and how they played them into the plots. I enjoy Top 40 very much but by the time they are covering them on Glee I'm pretty sick of them. I don't understand why you would try to impress the football team and make them want to be part of Glee by singing Need You Now by Lady Antebellum. If I think of that as a girly song then teh football team is sure to also. The good news is, the cats rocks everything they sing and half the time I like their versions better. I'd definitley like to see more of a mix again.


Oh and as Shane said, they almost always tied in with the plot.
I know 'Bills bills bills' isn't new but it had absolutely nothing to do with the plot (and the whole scene was so camp and over the top anyway, if lads behaved like that at my school they'd never have heard the end of it).
It has become more about which songs they can sell on iTunes or which tie in with current artists who can get them press coverage by saying how much they 'love them' for doing the covers. First season it was about good music, end of, that's why they built such a huge audience.


I don't mind them doing new songs, and I too would get sick if they did Journey songs all the time, but there was variation in season 1. You had old and new songs, show tunes, rock, soul, pop, motown and in general just a bit of everything. Lately it's been the majority of current chart songs, it'd just be nice if they went back to a bit of variation. The current songs they sing they don't put a new spin on or anything so it can be a bit dull after a while. I prefered it when they remade classic songs and exposed them to an audience who might not be familiar with them, you can escape the songs they cover now (they're all over the radio and music channels etc.) so it just seems a little less inspired than, for example, them covering Van Halen and making Mercedes voice sound like a electric guitar (which was genius!! :D). The cast is so talented though so I'll keep the faith, and they occassionally knock out an awesome rendition still anyway ('Papa, Can You Hear Me?' by Lea Michele still gives me chills and Chris Colfer singing 'I Wanna Hold Your Hand' made me blub like a baby).


"nobody wants to sit in front of the tv and hear songs that a) half the audience probably don't know, and b) that are past their generations. sure, older songs can be great, but this is a show about young people, for young people. you really think they wouldn't put in young songs?" The entire first season on the show had mostly unknown or older songs and everyone loved it. It's partly what made the show a hit. People liked the new covers of the old songs that they hadn't heard before. There was a mix.Now it's all new songs that don't even fit into the story most of the time. Most fans of the show prefer the mix the way it used to be, where the songs fit into the plot and it wasn't about selling itunes.Glee is just a big commercial now.


god, you guys sound like my mother. you don't like new songs, REALLY? sorry i got sick of hearing journey. that is the most ridiculous criticism ever; they're being current! nobody wants to sit in front of the tv and hear songs that a) half the audience probably don't know, and b) that are past their generations. sure, older songs can be great, but this is a show about young people, for young people. you really think they wouldn't put in young songs?


I like the song, sorry. However, I totally agree on what everyone said before me. I don't like the fact that they are doing new songs, actually. I only like this song because I like Rachel doing it. My point, anyway, is in what context is she singing it? Because Finn kissed Quinn and this song seems to be perfect for someone who's happy and I wouldn't be happy at all if my ex boyfriend -who I am insanely in love with- kisses another girl... what do you say?


Glee is starting to sound like bad karaoke night. What is with the incessant theme of covering new songs???!!! I'm so sick of hearing them on the radio already, now we have to listen to it being covered by Glee too. ANNOYING!!!


Agreed, Suzy. Firework is the most pathetic choice of Glee songs along with Billionaire, Teenage Dream (sorry if anyone else likes it), Marry You, and Just the Way You Are. Why is it all about the new songs now? Is Glee becoming an online advertisement? Even worse, they're going to cover a Lady Gaga song that hasn't been released yet...


I'd rather hear her cover a GOOD song. Stop with the top 40 garbage already. Songs from season 1 were so much better than this. Lame.

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