Glee Sneak Peek: William McKinley Gurls!

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Glee producer Brad Falchuk is well aware of the core Super Bowl audience. Therefore, in order to ensure maximum exposure for this Sunday's special episode, he's opening "Thriller" with... maximum exposure of the Cheerios.

“We put stuff in there understanding that there are a lot of dudes who watch the Super Bowl," Falchuk tells EW.

Such as? Bikinis. Sparkly boobs. Scantily-dressed cheerleaders dancing around to a Katy Perry hit. See what we mean in the following number, which will kick off the first installment of 2011.

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I never really liked that song in the first place!! I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOOOOOOOVE GLEE........ but that was soo boring. I was really excited to see it but now i am kinda disappointed =( Oh well...........I still loovveeee GLEE


That was awful. Sue is right, it was boring.


honestly, that was not really good.


Hahahahaha. I can't wait. (:
And yes, Artie should have rapped it.


I actually agree with Sue, I was bored by watching this clip.

Leigh r

artie could've rapped it

Leigh r

why do they have to cut out snoop's part??


"I'M BOARD" lol...

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