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Glee Spoilers: Guess Who's Joining New Directions...

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In a conference call with reporters yesterday, Jane Lynch shared her thoughts on both the Super Bowl and the Super Bowl episode of Glee:

She doesn't care who wins the former and the latter will be akin to an installment of the show "on steroids."

An Odd Couple

But it was the actress' response to what viewers can expect from Sue later this season that truly got our attention. Lynch told us:

"Sue suffers a devastating loss with her Cheerios and she becomes very, very depressed - she becomes dangerously depressed, where she's more violent than usual. They get her to join the glee club to lift her spirits... I'm actually in the glee club for a while."

Talk about something we need to see and hear! Below, meanwhile, we've posted two more clips from Sunday's new installment. Take it away, Blaine and Rachel!

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Why are they making Finn into such an ass? Rachel is well rid of him.


OMG!!! I seriously CAN'T WAIT for this song. This is one song I'm really looking forward to hearing. I love Lady Antebellum and sounds like Puckleberry is going to do justice to the song. Their voices are great.


Never thought I'd say it but so a Puckleberry fan rather than a Finnchel one. Finn's become a douche and doesn't deserve Rachel.
Was so pleased the see the clip of Rachel chewing out Santana (from the Valentines ep), which includes ridiculing of Finn deservedly too.


I love the look Rachel and Puck gave to Finn. I want more Puckleberry!


Puckleberry rules! Lea and Mark's voices are going so well together

Glee Quotes

Beiste: Dr. Jones said the new end of world date is September 27, 2014
Brittany: That gives us like two whole years of giving love and brutal honesty to everyone we know.

Will: I hate to say it but I think as long as you keep being yourself, your life is probably going to be a constant string of 'don't belongs'.
Unique: I know. I should probably start getting used to it.
Will: No, no. You should never get used to it. All great changes come from people who refused to get used to what was accepted but wasn't right. Slavery, gay rights, New Coke.

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