Glee to Honor Valentine's Day, Justin Bieber

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Fox has released a handful of photos from the upcoming February 8 and February 15 episodes of Glee.

You can read the official descriptions for these installments - titled "Silly Love Songs" and "Comeback" - HERE, but think about it: if a picture is worth a thousand words, the following images say much more than any synopsis ever could.

First, the show will dedicate an installment to Valentine's Day, featuring these songs, a kissing booth and the following scenes:

Watching Fellow Members
Huge Smiles
Mercedes Shows Support
Artie and Mike
Asian Couple
At Breadsticks

The following week, after numerous spoilers, rumors and speculation, Glee WILL pay tribute to Justin Bieber. In its own way.

Look for Sam to start a tribute band on "Comeback," channeling this 16-year old sensation as part of the actor. Think he makes a convincing Bieber in the episode stills posted here?
Looking Like Bieber
Tribute Band
Listen to Rachel!

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I can't wate in tail glee starts


I love u Justin bieber


you can get sweaters like that at american apparel


Exactly what is the point of a Justin Beiber tribute???!!! He's done nothing for the music industry and for people aged 10 and over.


It's about time we got to see Brittany and Santana in their REAL clothes! Their Cheerio outfits just bore me to death.


I'm beginning to think Sam is gay.

Reese williams

you cant say Honor and Bieber in the same sentence. :\


Preach Shane!
Lea Michele tweeted this week they're currently recording some 80s stuff so hopefully that means somewhat of a return to form (i.e. songs over a decade old).
Remaking songs currently in the charts is so dull.
Yeah their voices are frequently superior to the original artist's, but it's not reinventing or doing anything unique if all you're doing is singing the exact same way with a superior set of vocals. The show became popular cos people loved them reinventing classic songs and having a variety of genres, showcasing the talent of such an ecclectic cast, now it's just recreating music videos or singing songs currently in the charts, featuring dull stars who've begged their way onto the show because their careers are flagging (and I'm not including Neil Patrick Harris, Kristen Chenoweth and Idina Menzel in this statement) and they want to get some press attention off the back of such a popular show (even if they add little to the plot or characters). It's lazy and involves little imagination.


Remember when Glee did good eclectic songs that related to the characters rather than miscellaneous top 40 crap? This show is just one big itunes commercial.


Oh Lord. How they heck did Sam convince the others to join him in his stupid Bieber tribute (thought only Finn was that thick)?! Unless it's totally mocking I'm going to hate this plot, why else would a teenage boy do this (tweenage girls might go gaga over the little oik but boys aren't generally fans). So sad.

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I'm engorged with venom, and triumph.