Gossip Girl Caption Contest 141

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Welcome to the 141st Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic!

This week's Caption Contest winner is MariA. Congratulations!

Honorable mentions go out to TheYalier, *HS* and Countess Dorota. Thanks to everyone for playing, as always, and best of luck again in next week's edition!

Blair, Dan Photo

Blair: I've to find someone to sleep with Epperly!!
Dan: Chuck?
Blair: Charming, amusing, but busy with Raina at that time.
Dan: What about Nate?
Blair: Handsome, confident, but... brainless at the same time.
Dan: Hum... what about the charming, amusing, handsome, and confident last guy of the show?
Blair: Would be perfect! But really don't see who you're talking about...

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Dan: Hey, when you registered for our wedding gifts, didn't you include any letter besides "W"?
Blair: Ha, ha...NOT.


Leighton & Penn watching the news News man:Breaking New Ed wanting to leave Gossip Girl Penn:I guess i'm looking at my new girl friend on the show. Leighton:I doubt it, The CW is going all gay so I might be a lez. Penn:Yeah some how they went from going green to going gay.


Blair: Humphrey...I didn't think that two humans could physically do that to each other. Is that even possible? Not even Chuck knows that move.
Dan: Hmmm...I think Serena and I did that once...but I think her elbow was in a different position


Blair: new season gucci...
Dan: blair, no.


Dan (thinking): I wonder if I should tell her she has gum stuck in her hair....nah!


Blair: see? that is so beautiful!!
Dan: yeahhh, it is... so beautiful ***mesmerized for blair***


Blair : You poor sex-less nun.
Dan : You freakshly mean nazi.
Nate : Don't you guys dare mock "The Sound Of Music".


Blair: Spare me, Humphrey. I get every issue of "Who Slept With Who" there is. I know what you did this summer, and who. Vanessa Abrams I hope you got your shots before you traveled. Should I be worried?
Dan : Only if I touched you, I forget the shots.


Dan : How long are we gonna need to hide in here?
Blair : I don't know, the situation is bad. She's come back, and they found out 20 new species of insects in her hair. Eye contact could kill us.
Dan : Oh, God. Why did I have to befriend Vanessa in the first place?
Blair : You really should get steilized you know.


Blair : Let's face it, we're never gonna find what Epperly asked us to find.
Dan : I know! Who even asks for Serena's brain?
Blair : Or Georgina's long lost soul?
Dan : We're never gonna find that!
Blair : Think that's the difficult one? "Jenny Humphrey's real eye color" is on the list!
Dan : We'll be here forever.
Blair : More than forever, there's also a list of every human Nate ever slept with. Female and male.
Dan : Oh God, we're gonna die in W's storage closets.

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