Gossip Girl Extended Promo & Sneak Peek: You and Lonely Boy are Having AFFAIR!

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Monday marks the final Gossip Girl episode until mid-April, and it looks as though the storyline everyone is talking about comes to a head in "Empire of the Son."

What happened between when the credits rolled in "While You Weren't Sleeping" and when we pick up February 28? Was there a kiss? Was there more than that?

One thing's for sure. The relationship no one could have envisioned a few years, even a few months ago will be exposed, and there will be a Dair cliffhanger:

Follow the jump for a sneak preview clip from the episode in which Blair is called out for sneaking around with Dan. It's no surprise who figured it out first ...

How do you see this playing out? Is there hope for Dan and Blair? Do you want there to be? How will Chuck react? Leave a comment and discuss below.

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I kind of like it, although I think the text goes by a liltte too quickly--the break isn't long enough, or something. But my TV only gets two channels and I haven't seen Gossip Girl since the first episode, when I was too overwhelmed by the fact that Mrs Waldorf and Mr Humphrey had a part together to notice anything else, so maybe it translates differently on Youtube.


all of u ar rite, its time chuck chase blair, nd declare luv 4 her, he tld blair dat, de is no chuck bass withot her remember


de ratings went off cos, of losing de plot, its nt our fault, chuck n blair is gg, nd nw its 2 much, it mst change nw, no more other people only chuck nd blair

Sara gossipgirl thevampirediaries

@maria "Blair will have not good relations with Serena beacause of smth that could happened between Dan and Blair, so when Louis comes Blair will agree to marry him... Chuck will fight for the Bass Ind. with Jack (his uncle)and Rassel Thorpe. And Chuck will learn that Raina has slept with Nate. Chuck and Blair somehow will spent a very passionate night together for the LAST time to understand what do they have to do to be happy in the future..what do they need... So, during this night Rassel will decide to ruin everything what Chuck has and Rassel will burn the part of the Empire Hotel and somehow kill his daughter Raina in the fire.. Blair will leave with Louis to Monaco, after that Chuck will be accused of burning and Raina's death, and he would now that his alibi is a night that he has spent with Blair but because he wouldn't want to ruin Blair's ROYAL future he won't tell about this night and will go to prison... " omg that is soooo dramatic i wish that blair would know that chuck is in prison then COME TO THE RESCUE then he would tell her he would NOT and could NOT ruin her life and then she tells him that he couldn't ever do that because she loved him no matter how or what he did and that she loves him and will always love him then he would propose to her and she says YES!!! happy ending ;D


i wrote this on the previews post but the thread pretty-much dies so im reposting here to get some feedback :)
i got the feeling in "while you weren't sleeping" and in the "empire of the son" promos that chuck was indeed still 'playing' raina. his getting-her-back speech was all business. possibly he was so preoccupied doing it he didn't even consider that blair might be getting attention from elsewhere. he had no idea that blair heard him in the private room with raina, no idea that she'd been lonely or missing him or hanging out with dan or even that she'd been fired. as far as he's concerned she's been focused on her carreer right?
not to say that he hasn't been taking her for granted, so i hope the shocked look on his face at the end of the promo is him realizing that he's losing her. i suspect he does the same thing he did towards the end of season 2 and lets her go. to be happy with someone else. and makes somekind of major sacrifice for her, perhaps even giving up his whole empire? as a reversal of when he was willing to trade her for it in season 3. and funnily enough, i have the feeling that dan will be the eventual connector who will bring them back together. i also noticed that the writers have been doing everythign they can to avoid actual chair interaction. they have the same friends, hang out with the same people, go to the same parties, and yet NEVER cross paths? not even a longing glance at each other? not even bumping into each other at the bar? not even catching the same elevator? the whole valentine's party, the only time blair saw chuck was behind the curtain in the private room? please! its like they're completely invisible to each other!
i can only assume the writers did it on purpose so that we wouldn't get a real chuck reaction to blair? for us to be fooled that he's into raina so they can shock us by having him heartbroken when blair actually 'properly' leaves him? hmm, its a thought..


I used to love Chair, from Season 1, when he'd be such a strong support for her, even though they were both proud- that actually made the whole thing more interesting. Season 2 made them even more certain. But Season 3, I don't know...
The writers decided to bring up a dick airhead Chuck, since then he ain't been exactly loyal towards Blair. It's been a sum, first he sells her, and then it gets worse and worse, he sleeps with Jenny and while Blair's still getting over him, he shows up with a new "most important person". Eva was already the limit of insanity, that little war between then was kind of unfair, but still fun. Now this Raina, well, that's enough. Enough of Chuck. There's nothing he can do right now, just my opinion.
Dair reminds me of Seth and Summer, that could be really sweet, I was scared at first, but I'm getting interested in them. All I know is: NO MORE CHAIR, please! Blair's become too much for Chuck.


@pty Wow, now I feel like I really need to watch the Eva episodes. I didn't know she saved Chuck's life?! Sometimes I like that you can pick up watching the show, almost at any point--and still understand the gist of what's happening. But to really *get* the depth of things, more info is best. (Not that TPTB don't drop plots and characters all the time, lol). As much as I do love Dan and B (and I would probably settle for them as just friends, if that is as far as the show would take it)--the one small hesitation I have is worry for how it would affect S and B's friendship. One user said that this show is as much about Serena and Blair's friendship as any other relationship on the show, and I believe that. I know the show doesn't follow the books (and shouldn't have to), but I'll admit I was kind of pleased when I learned how the book series ended. Reminds of season 1 finale when Serena promised to stand by her friend no matter what anyone through at them. You're right--I'm very much a Blair fan. I remember in season 1--when Chuck and Nate blacklisted her, I was livid. Seriously hated both their guts, convinced that neither was good enough to deserve her. Kind of ridiculous of me to be that passionate about it. I've come to terms with it--and they've all done much worse to each other at this point. It's strange but these kids have (Non Judging Breakfast Club especially) all been eachother's worst enemies in moments of heightened anxiety--but they're also the only people who will consistently be there when one of them is in (serious) need. I got a bit off topic with our conversation, sorry. Anyway, I can understand feeling really frustrated with those episodes you mentioned. Some people have compared the D/B storyline to VeronicaMars/Logan pairing, since it all came out of the blue. I bring up the example, not because they are that similar (Logan and Veronica are actually more like Chair in a way)--but because I still feel frustrated with the people behind that show for how they ended things. V ends up with someone else entirely, someone with the personality of a cardboard cut-out. Kills me to this day. I imagine that's somewhat how you feel, seeing your favorite couple on and off again. Especially regarding the eps you mentioned. As you know, I'm not even a Chair fan (though I do like Chuck and B individually), and I even think it was too much to believe what he did to her (with Jack that is; the Jenny part isn't that much of a stretch). It makes me sick to my stomach--with disappointment and heartbreak--to imagine they could both so utterly lose sight of what's right.


@pty Thanks for explaining your point of view. I can see and understand where you're coming from now. I didn't see the Eva episodes, so now I feel like watching them to see the part you mentioned (where she asks him to be a better person). I've always been fascinated by Dan and Ban, ever since the first episode I saw where she was rude to him and he comforted her in the stairwell. I like that they are so opposite in some ways, and so similar in others. I missed the Prince episodes too, so I'm confused about how I feel about him coming in and proposing to her (if that spoiler is true). Even though D/B is the ideal of me--in the end, I'm happy if Blair is--so long as the guy treats her well (ie treasures her) and is interesting enough to deserve her.


pty, I hear you, but the problem is that love between two damaged souls isn't healthy when the lovers aren't helping each other repair the damage. Blair has been working on her independent life this season, but she still has a long way to go. Chuck can't be salvaged as long as he's still hopping from one absurd relationship to another, while trying to work out his daddy issues in the "business" world. I used to adore Chuck and Blair because you had these two cynical, damaged personalities living behind a false outer shell, able to find something good and true in one another. Despite all the conflicts and games, their love was real and powerful. The problem is, they destroy each other, and in particular, Chuck destroys Blair. Maybe the producers/writers think it all evens out in the end, but no, no, it's entirely lopsided. Sure, he has better reasons to be messed up, given his parental situation. Still, Chuck destroys Blair, and it's not okay for her to keep choosing to submit to what is essentially emotional abuse. Especially since we have Dan over here, who would in fact take care of Blair. He likes her in spite of all the bad personality traits she has--the same ones that Chuck appreciates! Dan loves the good in Blair, and thus encourages her to be better. Meanwhile, we have Chuck, who enjoys seducing other girls in front of Blair, both as a "game" and in reality! It's pathetic. Chuck is an awesome character, but their relationship either has to move to a better place or be done for good.


Shame I feel so sorry for us we were taken for a fool and frankly I don't get why they would do that to us don't they know without us there's no show. Not that I want it to end its just the ratings I went to go see what the fuss was all about and I was shocked. Where there used to be 3.40 viewers there is now 1.30 and it makes me sad cause I love this show really. What happened I wanna know what all of you are watching when you should be watching GG. I want the show to be there for 10 more seasons but if the ratings keep on dropping there's not gonna be a show so what I suggest is that u go and sign a petition like I did here is the details. http://www.petitionspot.com/pe...

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