Gossip Girl Producers Preview "While You Weren't Sleeping"

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Gossip Girl producers Stephanie Savage and Joshua Safran preview next week's episode in the video below, and from the looks of it, there's a ton of stuff going on.

It's the 18th birthday of Eric, the last Gossip Girl minor. The theme is childhood, since Eric didn't have one. But that's just on the surface of "While You Weren't Sleeping."

There's the mystery of what Damien blackmails E to do, which comes to a head at the party. Meanwhile, Blair struggles to multitask, as we've seen in the promos.

Responsibilities at work, plotting schemes ... even a queen gets overwhelmed. Finally, Chuck enlists Nate's help in winning Raina back. But what's his motive?

Check out Stephanie and Joshua's preview here and comment below:

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Dear writers, producers, etc: I have loyally shipped Chair to the point of obsession up until I saw It-Girl Happened One Night.I realized that Blair deserved better--Dan. That scene was pretty much Oscar worthy (the one with Blair and Dan hiding). I think that Chuck is a jackass; he was willing to sacrifice his business for his "sacred" Raina, yet he was willing to sacrifice Blair for his business. Blair and Dan are soulmates. I like how they hated each other but grew to be friends. This is how real life is. Please make Dair endgame. And make Chuck a miserable old miser (or dead).


yeyyy new minions of blair again !!! i think Amalia from NYU have to be back...
jenny must back ! Georgina , Juliet , Poppy must back !!! BACK OFF VANESSA!!! OUT FROM GG ! WE DOnt need to see U !!!!!!

Reese williams

i wanna meet the new minion.


Have they confirmed that she is coming back for this season?


I'm quite excited for this one. "It-Girl Happened One Night" was my favourite of the season, and I can't wat for more great episodes.
On the Jenny Humphrey line I think she's coming back towards the end of the sesaon, maybe episode 20 oe 21 (the season has 22, right?).


@Dayna yea or at least for his B-Day, I mean they are like best friends so that well be great. And I don't know why they put her name on the credits if she is not comming back soon.


So i'm not a fan of Jenny Humphrey but I think it would be great for them to bring her back to help Eric takedown Damien.

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