Gossip Girl Promos: "Empire of the Son"

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After all the drama from last night's show, Gossip Girl is building toward one heck of an episode before it goes off the air for six weeks beginning February 28.

Next week, Russell Thorpe is determined to destroy Chuck, but risks alienating Raina, and the fledgling maybe-romance of Dan and Blair reaches a critical juncture.

Meanwhile, a couple of new parental forces emerge: Ben's mother causes issues between Ben and Serena, while William returns to the Upper East Side as well.

Here's the CW's first promo for "Empire of the Son" ...

Follow the jump for a second promo from the episode, courtesy of our friends north of the border, and tell us what you think will transpire come next Monday:

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in your FACE Chuck Bass!!! HAHA, i hope he sees Dair. I love Dair. He doesn't even have the right to sob over one kiss that Dan and Blair had. He slept with a random new girl while he was having a break with Blair. Then when he sees that Blair for once had a kiss with Dan, he's like "what's going on Blairrr? waaaa" Blair could do ANYTHING.


although, one thing really has been bugging me about the chuck/blair storyline in the last 2-3 episodes: they have the same friends, hang out with the same people, go to the same parties, and yet NEVER cross paths? not even a longing glance at each other? not even bumping into each other at the bar? not even catching the same elevator? the whole valentine's party, the only time blair saw chuck was behind the curtain in the private room? please! its like they're completely invisible to each other! maybe the writers did it on purpose so that we wouldn't get a real chuck reaction to blair? for us to be fooled that he's into raina so they can shock us by having him heartbroken when blair actually 'properly' leaves him? hmm, its a thought..


the promo sure looks exciting! i got the feeling in this weeks episode and in these promos that chuck was indeed still 'playing' raina. his getting-her-back speech was all business. possibly he was so preoccupied doing it he didn't even consider that blair might be getting attention from elsewhere. he had no idea that blair heard him in the private room with raina, no idea that she'd been lonely or missing him or hanging out with dan or even that she'd been fired. as far as he's concerned she's been focused on her carreer right?
not to say that he hasn't been taking her for granted, so i hope the shocked look on his face at the end is him realizing that he's losing her. i suspect he does the same thing he did towards the end of season 2 and lets her go. to be happy with someone else. and makes somekind of major sacrifice for her, perhaps even giving up his whole empire? as a reversal of when he was willing to trade her for it in season 3. and funnily enough, i have the feeling that dan will be the eventual connector who will bring them back together.
so in that respect, GO DAN!


Chuck and Blair are like the overdramatized unnecessary bickering over the top versions of Ross and Rachel: meant to be, will end up together. However, they're clearly not right for each other right now. As are Serena and Dan. That girl seems to be the eternal flip flopper: Dan then Nate, Nate then Dan, back to Dan and then Nate, Nate then Dan, oh let's throw Ben in the mix. Yes, DS and CB are great together, but the constant battle that those two couples go through makes for boring TV because it's been done over and over and over and over again. Nearing the end of fourth season, the whole "will they" "won't they" questions become brokens record and remain stale. DB makes for interesting TV because in its four years, it has never experimented with this couple. It's refreshing and new, which is rare on the status-quo drift that's taken a sleep-inducing grip on the show. Dan and Blair won't last, but while the writers are building them up, they'll have plenty new material tearing them down, and perhaps they'll serve as a catalyst to finally get Chuck's and Serena's head straight.


im a loyal chair fan, but i must admit... dair scene is fun to watch and they do have chemistry!! i think the writers did a great job on building up such relationship. im so glad that they didnt make dair a one night thing. and im also liking the fact that the other characters in GG have no clue about their new friendship!! im looking forward how chuck/serena/nate would react once they notice.. i bet none of them saw this coming! but as dorota said,"miss blair is having affair with lonely boy!!!�lol


I'm loving Dair so far...
Here's a Blair and Dorota sneak peek i just saw on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v... Love Dorota!Lol


I'm as onboard with Chair as most fans. But I am allowed to be excited about Dair right? There is something fresh and new about their dymanic that has been handled so well by the writers! No force-feeding, slamming spoons of connections and hookups that appear out of nowhere at us, but rather a slow melting pot of chemistry playing itself to a realistic conclusion. I've always liked Dan too. (Not with Vanessa though) but I liked the chatacter and seeing his natural progression to "friend" with such an unlikely person as Blair has me excited about watching this show again! Am I saying I want a Dair endgame and upset the masses ala Joey/Pacey? I don't know. But I'm willing to see where this goes. Blair and Chuck have a complicated history. Some time in a meaningful but DIFFERENT relationship, with someone whose the complete antithesis of Chuck can only be good for Blair!


Is Chuck panicking about Dan/Blair or Nate/Raina ?? Or is it about Bass Industries ??


OMG SO EXCITED FOR DAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i seriously couldn't care about any of the other relationships, unless jenny humphrey came back and fell into nate's arms but we know this probably won't ever happen. As for Chair, i loved them but then DAIR came along and totally swept me off my feet. I don't like how Blair is always waiting for Chuck, they mutually agreed they loved each other but wanted to 'find themselves' first, at least that's the impression i got. Blair and Dan's chemistry is good and i love their friendship. I hope they can be known as one of those amazing couples out there in tv history ie. like Pacey/Joey(Dawson's Creek), Maria/Michael (Roswell), Nathan/Haley (OTH), Seth/Summer (The OC), Logan/Veronica (Veronica Mars). There is a chance of epicness and i can't wait to see it unfold. As for Serena, she has got to be the most self absorbed character eva and Nate and Raina - couldn't really care.


I am usually a Chair fan and I'm sure they will get back together someday which I will look forward to but for now, I LOVE the Dair concept. I really hope something happens. I bet though that Chuck isn't looking for Blair because he's jealous, but probably more so because he has a scheme up his sleeve and he needs her help. I also notice Dan says something about just one kiss but I too doubt he's referring to Blair. I really hope something does happen with them next week though as it's starting to drag now. I also am concerned that Louis will come into the picture and ruin any shot that Blair and Dan have. I'd prefer Chuck to get jealous over Dan but if he even does get jealous at all, it'll be over Louis.
I do also agree with someone's comment about it seeming Chuck gushing over Raina seems out of sort. I think one of the reason's Chair seemed so edible is because she was supposed to be the only girl Chuck has ever fallen for and loved. Nowadays, in this season alone, it seems that he falls for a woman very easily. Blair suddenly doesn't seem to be the "one" anymore.

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