Gossip Girl Round Table: "Damien Darko"

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Welcome back to the weekly TVF Gossip Girl Round Table, where our panel breaks down the previous night's episode (see our review from earlier this morning).

Below, lead Gossip Girl writer Mister Meester joins esteemed editor-in-chief DANdy and TV Fanatic CEO Gossip Guy to discuss topics from "Damien Darko" ...


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from last night?

Gossip Guy: I don't think there was a line of dialogue in the W scenes I didn't love, but if forced to pick? The idea of Blair putting that she's never worn a scrunchie on her resume. 

Mister Meester: "Oh. Em. Gee. I just got poleaxed by a poor person." - Blair

DANdy: I always love it when the show winks at its repetitive storylines, so gotta go with Blair's reference to Serena's "sporadic" love for Dan.

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2. Is there a twist to the Eric-Damien story we don't know yet?

Gossip Guy: Yes, but the idea of Damien and Eric actually starting a relationship seems too obvious.

Mister Meester: I hope so. Eric and Damien are both characters with a lot of potential. And this will prove a fairly dull storyline if there is no twist.

DANdy: No, nor should they be. Eric simply choosing to hang out with Damien and pop a few pills because he's lonely is all the excitement I need!

3. Dan and Blair: Better enemies or friends?

Gossip Guy: Duh. Frenemies. Did you hear their witty banter? 

Mister Meester: The more I see them on screen together, the more I love the dynamic - and the less I think it would work romantically, especially compared to the look she shared with Chuck in their 12 seconds of screen time together last night.

DANdy: Dair I say it? Friends... with benefits, of witty banter.


COMEDIC STAPLE: Dair is becoming one with scenes like this.

4. Worst hire: Dan as fashion intern or the Captain as CFO?

Gossip Guy: Oh without a doubt the Captain. Dan got classical training in the art of fashion from the most beautiful model of all: Serena. Plus he can write and oh, I don't know, WASN'T JUST RELEASED FROM JAIL FOR EMBEZZLEMENT.

Mister Meester: The Captain makes sense if he was hired for, not in spite of, his embezzling history. I buy Dan as a W intern about as much as Blair's insistence that a well-known fashion designer like Eleanor wouldn't make calls on her daughter's behalf.

DANdy: The Captain as CFO. Clearly, this is leading to a New York Post headline that screams: Captain Steers Thorpe Industries Into Financial Iceberg!

5. Team Damien or Team Ben?

Gossip Guy: Team Damien. And I swear it's not just cause he's my dealer.

Mister Meester: Team Damien obviously. Narcotics dealing aside, that guy rules. There's this complexity beneath the surface that suggests he may not be all bad, and I'm glad the show is exploring this character. As for Ben ... how can you be on Team Ben? He's boring as heck. Yeah, what Lily did sucked for him. But he's free. Good for him. Now go. Away. It'll be spring in Ithaca in 3-4 short months.

DANdy: Team Damien. That character is capable of more than one facial expression.

BONUS: In honor of Vanessa (miss you, NOT) and a certain guy slowly becoming useless himself, rate last night from 1-10 on the Rufus Uselessness Scale.

Gossip Guy: 9.  I took away a point for giving an ex-con a key to his loft. That's just proof of the old naive Rufus is still in there somewhere.

Mister Meester: 6. He had some dialogue this week, but dude is becoming part of the scenery. You know Lily has the help making those brunch spreads. Sad.

DANdy: 8. He brought nothing to any storyline, but at least he made me laugh. "Sure, take as long as you need to think about my offer! Take my keys as you do, guy I barely know who lives in a halfway house with shady ex-cons!" I'm just surprised Rufus didn't offer his credit card, as well.

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Steve Marsi is the Managing Editor of TV Fanatic. Follow him on Google+ or email him here.


Serena is in love with a different guy in every episode, how long can this go on?? The one scene with Chair restores my faith in humanity. Rufus needs to go live on the same farm as Vanessa. Speaking of V, she is SO useless that no one even mentions the fact that she's no longer on the show OR when she might return. She's such a huge FLOP. Atleast Taylor Momsen's absence and return make headlines, no one ever notices that V is gone! I LOVE IT@


nate needs a story line!!!!!!!


Everything is kinda blahhhh except 4 any storyline with blair... idk y but i dont care if its dair , chair or fair (made tht last one up lol) idc if its about internships or her trying 2 win over her boss her storyline is the best and the reason i keep watching GG


Blair making the comment about Serena sporadically loving Dan was good. Basically any line said by Blair is worthy.
Don't get me wrong, I am a Chair fan as well, but I definitely would love to see Blair and Dan get together for a while. I loved the 12 second scene between Chair showing that down the road they will work it out again and that's fine with me as long as she gets together with Dan for a while. I really do see a romantic connection with them as well. And I think it'd throw everyone for a loop. I also would like to see Chuck get jealous again. It's been a cople of seasons since we saw that and I think that his jealousy is one of the reason's we fell in love with Chair to begin with.
I would have to say I'm on team Damien. Ben is a little boring but as long as he helps to keep Serena and Nate from getting together, I'm all for him.
Nate is boring. He always has been. He is pretty though so I don't mind staring at him during his screen time. I also enjoy his friendship with Blair. It seems Blair's character can make any other character interesting. Without her they all get a bit boring.
The whole Chuck/Raina thing is a bit boring. I also agree that someone in his position would've been able to come up with a better way to keep his company. I would think he'd have some strong connections. I understand they'll keep her around to distract Chuck so we can all enjoy some Dair action but they don't need to put him with somoene romantically for that to happen.
Poor Rufus. LOL. I do like him but he's Mr. Lily as of right now. He doesn't have mch going on but I still don't mind having him around for the little air time he does get. I could do with less Lily though.
Truthfully I don't enjoy Eric's storyline all that much. Damien is the only thing making that storyline somewhat tolerable. Seriously I'm supposed to feel bad for Eric because his boyfriend broke up with him. Too bad, so sad, we've all been there and got through it. Plus you have your ex crawling back to you and you barely even gave him the time of day. Yeah, your life is so horrible.


I am on Team Damien and I like this episode. I wish they would bring back Jack Bass to help Chuck because I think he is the only person capable of taking down Thorpe.


1) I too liked Blair's comment about Serena loving Dan "sporadically". 2) Probably yes, but I don't care. Yawn. 3) Dan and Blair = delightful frenemies, fraught with romantic tension. Obviously it wouldn't work to simply throw them together suddenly. It has to be built up like this, little by little. It would be interesting to see Blair and Dan consoling each other emotionally regarding Serena and Chuck, but without any physical involvement. It would also be interesting to see Dan do the one thing that Chuck never seems to manage: redeem himself for the bad thing he did to Blair. He already set things right for her, by getting her job back. Now we need to see his next move. How will he restore the friendship? Another movie night probably isn't sufficient. Coming to Blair's defense or rescue, especially if Chuck's ongoing callousness is the cause, would be a good one. 4) The Captain, because the business storyline in these last two episodes is beyond dull and stupid. 5) Team Eric. I'm not particularly thrilled by either Damien or Ben. Serena and Ben are so bland that there's a true danger of falling asleep while they're onscreen together. Damien has a good back story that might be used well--good boy gone bad somehow? Ben has a kind of Jekyll/Hyde dynamic going on at the moment, and somehow that's STILL not interesting. But hey, at least it's better than Nate, who struggles to emote his way through the few nothing lines he's granted this episode.


Rufus was so hilarious this episode - what he said about being at that party - something that he would not go to normally without Lily, but he just needed to get away or something like that - old Rufus would never have gone to a party like that to get away. I mean, doh, he has for instance his loft apartment, why not go there? Or just go for a walk. And good thing another guy can be there and give fatherly advise to Eric when all the grown-ups in the show clearly don't even try to be there for their kids in a responsible way.


Team Damien all the way!


You have a uselessness scale without Nate? Ha! Even the roundtable is becoming useless.


agree about Dan and Blair not working romantically.
It's an awful relationship!! I'm for Chuck and Blair together.
They're fantastic together.

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Dan: Vanessa gave me this scarf.

Lily: I get Ben out on parole but Serena and Eric continue to treat me like I'm toxic.
Rufus: I know you did what you could, but Ben's still going to have a criminal record. Give them time.

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