Gossip Girl Sneak Peeks & Promos: "It-Girl Happened One Night"

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Next week on Gossip Girl, Russell Thorpe is poised for a takeover attempt of Bass Industries, until Chuck makes one last-ditch effort to save his family’s company.

Blair is given a challenging assignment at W Magazine with the promise of a promotion, while Serena struggles with all of her feelings for Ben (no surprise there).

Basically, we pick up where "Panic Roommate" left off, and hopefully with more drama than last night. Here's a clip from the episode featuring Chuck and Raina ...

Follow the jump for multiple CW promos from "It-Girl Happened One Night," one of which looks like it features a shot of Dair holding hands. You be the judge.

UPDATE: There's a new sneak peek of Dan and Blair as well. She claims they're not friends, despite going to a movie or five, but do her eyes say otherwise?

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I'm so emotionally gutted by Chuck but like Blair I must be a masochist because I believe in him and I know we are a baby step away from his redemption! The Dair "friendship" is too contrived and plastic to be sustainable on GG. Nothing is ever so "sweet" and glossy on the UES. I'm just curious to see what evil concoction on behalf of the writers comes out of this. As for Blair and the prince? Perhaps a pending proposal to SHAKE and JOLT CHUCK to his very core. And please writers, leave him ALONE. Literally speaking...for now.


Dan n blair shuld fr a week at least thn chair bk. Nate n jenny-hot


Agreed! "@TheGreyOne Rank: Guest Star February 9th, 2011 11:38 AM WOW, Leighton and Penn have awesome chemistry. Just sayin'."


Blair only got Chuck and Raina back together to help him win back his father's company. Chuck's still using Raina. And the whole Dan and Blair thing is showing their starting to form a strong friendship like they had with the others.


With all the "Chuck's shit" posts I think we need to remember that it was Blair who broke up with HIM. She wanted to find herself and he wanted them to build their futures together.So basically him hooking up with Reina is not wrong. But I do find it weird. If you love someone so much that after your break-up you run away to Europe and pretend that your name is Henry Prince just so you can start over and try to forget that person. Then how come he's acting like he's over Blair in just one fucking month? But there's more, the one thing I can't figure out is why Blair helped Chuck to fix things between him and Raina!!?? This is beyond crazy.


I don't want Blair and Dan to get together but I want to see Chuck and Serena think they do and get their acts together. I can see Dan and Blair bonding this ep over being used and abused by the people they love but still going back for more. Ben and Raina - F* off.


LMFAO @Dair2Say ! haha so clever. I'm beyond excited for this episode. I love C&B but watching Dair interact is refreshing.


ya i don't get blair...she broke up with chuck and is now sad he's with someone else...??? oh god why aren't chuck and blair just together? this is silly.


the dair thing is really anoyying, they have no chemistry at all and its really pathetic to just pair them up, i wish they can just stay as ffriends!
chuck and blair back please..............


So far,it seem B will be getting a promtion; that's good she finally needs some happiness and she has to find out who she is. 'Cos in ep.9 she said that after she finds out who she is she will get back with Chair. B should have choosen S as her it-girl 'cos than she will enjoy the party and S will tell her what has happend. Raina should be shown as a evl person as thn C will run back into B's arms. )))) XOXO

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