Gossip Girl Spoiler Pic: Blair and Louis!

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Oh Mon Dieu! The prince returns!

Or so it would appear. Check out this behind-the-scenes pic from the Gossip Girl set yesterday (there are tons more here). Could Louis, the dashing European who had a brief royal romance with Blair, be trying to woo her again, this time in New York?

Theories and comments are welcome ...

Blair and Louis on Set!
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I want blair with louis. Although i love chuck too, but i think blair deserve better! Chuck hurt her too much! first by letting blair jet off the plane alone, he sold her for the hotel and by sleeping with jenny humphrey!! No way blair deserve to be treated like that! She should end up with Louis, Louis can give her the happiness she deserve! and chuck can go back to his old life, having different girl everyday, that suit him more. Haha.


I like the theory that luis come back, to fight for blair... And so Dan realise that Dair was never ment to be together...
So path for Luis is free but then chuck comes because he realised that can't live without blair waldorf..
Luis propose Blair and she says yes thought she is still in love with chuck... The night before Blair flight to Europe, she spend the night with Chuck, and that same night Rahina dies in fire, and so is Chuck acused of a murder, and he can't tell were he was, because that would ruin Blair's hapiness, and so he goes to jaill, and when Blair finds out, she fly back to NY, baill Chuck, and move in with Chuck..
Chuck & Blair= Best cuple ever!




who gives a shit about some ugly ass prince might i add coming to see blair why and the hell is Gossip Girl putting Dan and Blair together so much just to piss us off and let us down first of all for all the Chair fans if she hooked up with Dan imagine how pissed he would be acts like he can't stand him Chuck/Blair we're great season 1 and 2 but once he said those 3 words 8 letters it was over they became boring and why would you wan't her with someone who sleeps with jenny then still proposes runs off for 3 months eva saves him he wants to change everything for her i never saw him treat blair anyway as he did eva then him and Blair call a truce still fuck but decide to be friends and then is running after Raina Blair is to good for chuck and what the hell is wrong with Dan not a damn thing he has been there for Blair this whole time besides he does know how to keep his dick in his pants Dan is smart,sexy,honest and kind I mean look at rufus like father like son I mean Serena has done some pretty shitty things but Dan alway's seemed to forgive her I loved those two together but Serena took Dan for granted and just as Chuck she has a wandering eye so please tell me what is so bad about Dan and Blair they can be their selfs around each other he makes her smile he actually listens and seems to care all chuck cares for is business if Dan/Blair have a fling or stay friends or fall in love it is not the end of the world they do have chemistry deny all you want they look good together the only obstacle would be Serena but seeing as she screwed nate and is dating Ben i don't see a problem Blair needs to make herself unavailable if she wants to make Chuck mad he knows she is alway's pining for him but if she's smart she will move on I DO LIKE DAIR AND HOPE THEY GET TOGETHER AND STAY THAT WAY.........


Glad louis is comin bk even though I'm a huge fan of chuck and blair there's is nofin good happenin for her at the moment and she deserves it there is no spark between blair and dan at all so I don't like that headline and chuck needs to see that he still has feelings for her and the only way to do this is jealousy!!!xx


I'm really glad he's coming back. Blair has NO chemistry with Dan and Louis' romance with her was very under developed. Chucks had 2 relationships this year and Blair has had none. Chuck deserves to see her happy for once. But of course Blair and Chuck have to unite in the end.


BLOUIS FTW!!! i love the prince! i love him for blair. i know he will treat her like a princess... with respect and a whole lot of lovin'! :))


They look really adorable together .. They must have a real relationship in real life and on GG.. Leighton and hugo.. Are best couple.. So sweet.. Makes me awwwwww


This guy is adorable, and they look cute together.


hugo becker is dashing, dashing, love him, love him, love him. I agree this is the right guy !!! let's hope he is regular. Bored of chuck, bored, bored, bored ! louis& blair are the best couple, just keep on looking at them....

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Life isn't a fairy tale, and happy endings are few and far between.

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Rita: Luckily, Robin was working with me in New York this week and able to bring along a very special video of Blair.
Tiffany: What is it?
Penelope: A Jack Bass sex tape?
Tiffany: A Nelly Yuki snuff film?