Gossip Girl Spoiler Pic: Blair and Louis!

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Oh Mon Dieu! The prince returns!

Or so it would appear. Check out this behind-the-scenes pic from the Gossip Girl set yesterday (there are tons more here). Could Louis, the dashing European who had a brief royal romance with Blair, be trying to woo her again, this time in New York?

Theories and comments are welcome ...

Blair and Louis on Set!

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I'd rather she be with Dan than with Mr. Prince. Unless of course he's the man who'll make Chuck jealous and come after her like first season. I did assume Mr. Prince will be back though. I can see him showing up where she will be with her shoe and pulling a Cinderella type of move. Here comes the Prince putting the shoe on the Queen herself. I still want to see some Dan/Blair action though!

Blair lover

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas im soooooooo happy :*


Yeah ! OMG thanks a lot. And thanks stephani and josh!!!! He is really Perfect Cast ! The handsome ever in gossipgirl cast after nate ! QUEEN need PRINCE like him!!!! Awesome !!! Awesome !!!!!!! GOODBYE CHUCK!!!! Yessssss LOuis and Blair!!! Wowwwww !! 90210 will shocking !!! Hahahahahhahaa Gossip girl will going UP again!!!!! Number 1 !!!! Blair must be happy and finally the prince is come back !!


Gossip girl rate is going UP and UP!!!!!
Bcoz Blair waldorf break with chuck. Bcoz they r not special.. But see blair and louis Faces???!! They are couple love faces !!!!!! They are so couple ans sweet !!!! Anddd awwwwww !! Gossip girl Kick 90210 soonNnnnnnnn !!!! Remake Regular cast ! Take vanessa away from gg or at least just make her guest star !!! And make louis grimaldi be A regular cast because Gossip girl REGUlAR CAST MEN only 1 is handsome chace crawford only!!! Now louis must be regular cast becoz he is awesome handsome !!! Like what 90210 did !!! They bring hot guys !!!always , ...


Yes ... My prince louis is comeback!! True,louis is the PERFECT CHOICE CAST!! He is really hot and handsome and high attitude!!! Awesome!!!! Gossipgirl ... This what we THUMBS UP FOR U!!! Start from season4 Gossipgirl is making the great idea and character!!! Louis grimaldi,georgina sparks, juliet sharp!! The best prince ever !!! The best MALE in gossipgirl now is LOUIS GRIMALDI!! Againts nate archibald !! Yeyyyy.... Boring of chuck and blair.. Really boring!! I hope louis is becoming regular cast!! Take vanessa away ! Omg!!! And one thing Gossip girl must remake the regular cast again!!! Change and new regular cast!! Like 90210 did is success!!!


Yesssss !! Louis grimaldi finally come back !!! I've told my friends who really addcited to gossipgirl and everyone is shock!!! I think every gossip girl addcited in the world will shocking !!! Awwwww.. Thank u so much josh and stephanie ! U guys are ROCK!!!!!!! The show will be more more awesome !! Yeah true Blair is the centre character of GossipGirl show NOW!!! Everyone love her!! Her attitude,character,fashion!! Everythings!!! Awwwww ... Louis is the perfect Man Cast after nate archibald!!! U guys choose the RIGHT guy !!!!!


@ Brainna Bass..I was actually thinking the exact same thing...whenever Blair wears a green coat, something pink and yellow - it's either a good thing or a bad thing that will happen to her - 2season finale = Chuck said "I LOVE YOU!" , season 3 finale - Chuck brakes her heart,....season 4 finale - Blair is the next Princess Grace? Anyway, those colours always indicate a MAJOR thing to happen!


OMFG! I don't believe it finally they have made B the centre of the show. Did u notice that we all love the character of leighton more than the others. You wanna know why its because since the beginning the character was true from the start. And is really maturing. Becoming her own person. But we don't want her to fade away we love the brat in her. So don't change that. I totally love the spoiler that prince is wonderful I was starting to get bored. The prince is just what B needs. This raina and chuck thing is really boring. No substance but nevermind they should stay together because then chuck won't be in the way of the prince and dan fighting 4 B. I think dan and B should have a chance although the prince would be a wonderful catch. Stephanie & josh. U guys rock big time.

Brianna bass

Hmm... Blair ALWAYS wears a green coat and yellow shoes in every season finale... This pic is definitely a spoiler pic for the finale-- hope it's not a cliffhanger!!

Gg girl

This is ging to be fun


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