Gossip Girl Spoilers: Huge Secret to Be Revealed

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Monday's Gossip Girl is the mid-mid-season finale, according to the producers. In their weekly preview, Joshua Safran and Stephanie Savage reveal some interesting info.

In "Empire of the Son" ...

  • The Dair story line continues to unfold.
  • Ben's mother returns, as does Serena's dad.
  • The entire direction of Lily's character will change.
  • Raina finds herself torn regarding her feelings for Nate.
  • Most significantly, a huge secret from the past, something that has been brewing not just for episodes, but seasons (plural) will be revealed. What could it be?!

Any thoughts on what that mega-bomb will consist of? How do you predict the show will leave things regarding Dair and everything else up in the air? Comment below!

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@ruflyundchair I could be wrong--but I think Tanky Girl was just hoping Scott's dad is actually William's son and not Rufus's, making Dan/Serena less(?) related. I don't think she was saying anything against Rufus/Lily. I'm still at a loss about the big spoiler and it kills me that I have pretty much no clue, lol.


Re: the new spoilers... What about Dan and Blair? Surely not all that build up for nothing? Its been the biggest hit on gossip girl for seasons... I am a complete convert... In fact... Dair for endgame they make so much more sense!!! Dare to Dair!


[b]If there is a God, William will come back and tell Rufus that Scott is Van Der Woodsen.[/b] well rufly stays together, rufly stays together,:-))))), lalala you stupid hater you lost!!!


even though blair will be engaged to louis, it doesn't mean they will marry. but for me it really destroys a lot of things. and to be truth, even though chuck has done a lot of bullshit, i really feel sorry for him right know.
i dont like this storyline and these spoilers. and it's clear that blair and louis will not end with eachother in monaco. of course not.


@GGfan. It's stressful, I know. But even if she does get engaged--doesn't mean they'll go through with it in the end. What would the show be if Blair moved to Monaco? (actually that sounds like an interesting plot, but I doubt it's in the show's budget since the season already started in France). I'm sad because either way it looks like her friendship/something-more? with Dan will fizzle to nothing. Sigh. And you're right-- would never let Chuck rot in prison if she could prove his innosence.


Oh god no Maria I hope your not right I couldn't bear it If Blair Married that prince a least if she was with dan she would be around chuck !!! But there are 3 fatal flaws in your spoilers 1 chuck in prison , come on 2 Blair would find out about it and come back to clear his name in the trial and 3 your biggest mistake of all if this happened I would kill myself and I like myself too much to do that !!! Who agrees with me


@Maria that's the second time I've heard those spoilers, and I hate to say it, but it's sounding more and more plausible. Especially when u look at the titles of the last episodes, "Princesses and the Frog," which could refer to B becoming a princess and "Shattered Bass," which obviously implies something horrible happens to chuck. But maybe it just means bass industries is shattered? Wishful thinking, I know. I will be so depressed if that's how things fi down. The b and chuck story would be rufus and lily all over .


There are some new spoilers for the last two episodes: Blair will have not good relations with Serena beacause of smth that could happened between Dan and Blair, so when Louis comes Blair will agree to marry him... Chuck will fight for the Bass Ind. with Jack (his uncle)and Rassel Thorpe. And Chuck will learn that Raina has slept with Nate. Chuck and Blair somehow will spent a very passionate night together for the LAST time to understand what do they have to do to be happy in the future..what do they need... So, during this night Rassel will decide to ruin everything what Chuck has and Rassel will burn the part of the Empire Hotel and somehow kill his daughter Raina in the fire.. Blair will leave with Louis to Monaco, after that Chuck will be accused of burning and Raina's death, and he would now that his alibi is a night that he has spent with Blair but because he wouldn't want to ruin Blair's ROYAL future he won't tell about this night and will go to prison...


I think the big secret is that gossip girl will be revealed. Think about it, it has been the talk of the first two seasonS and a little in the 3rd one.

Tanky girl

If there is a God, William will come back and tell Rufus that Scott is Van Der Woodsen.

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