Gossip Girl Spoilers: Dair Cliffhanger Ahead!

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Some want them to hook up. Others do not. But most Gossip Girl fans can agree that watching the Dan-Blair dynamic evolve in recent episodes has been a real treat.

Dair's not going anywhere, either. In fact, expect the pair to remain front and center throughout this month, with a "doozy of a cliffhanger" coming on February 28.

After that, according to TV Line, the show goes off the air for six weeks until mid-April, prior to a season-ending run of episodes carrying us into the middle of May.


What do you think this Dair cliffhanger entails? Share your theories with us below, and if you haven't done so already, tell us if you think Dan and Blair should get romantic:

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The ratings have been down since last season way before the thought of a Dair coupling. And they are not changing the characters they are letting them both grow up, something that usually happens in college. I love Chuck and Blair too, but Blair is a strong, semi-honest, goal driven, opionated, gutsy win at all cost kind of woman and when she was with Chuck she would be a little to submissive and lose herself in their relationship.


If DB was such a brillant idea why are the ratings so down? They are not even competing with Dancing with the Stars anymore. Wouldnt you think the ratings should be up? Even the online buzz is dying. Some people like Dair, but others don't. And CB would be amazing together: sexy, evil, scheming. But of course the writers have to change both characters to do DB ugh.


I think the fact that they are finally pushing for a Dair friendship/romance is a brilliant idea. These two have the most in common minus a few personality traits but really their chemistry is awesome always has been even when they want to kill one another. We have already seen Serena and Dan not work because Serena never seems to want the one she is with. And Chuck and Blair practical ruin each other when they are together. So why not a Dair??? It worked out with Joey and Pacey..lol


@Kaspian: But for most of my friends (includes me) Chair was the only reason to watch this show ... I wish I could be more interested in it, but I'm not at all!


@Kasabian: i could not have said it better myself!!!!! love it!


what makes me laugh is that people are putting so much into either loving or hating Dair. I can say i love them together but when it comes to the series finale i know who i want to be together and that is serena/dan and chuck/blair. So stop being caring that dair has a possiblity and just focus on the funny banter. If they ever do get into a relationship and you dont want to watch just mute it! Bec those fans that arent watching the show bec of a certain couple that is being focused on (dair right now, serenate from previous season, ect.) are only hurting the ratings and therefore the show. Do we really want the show to be cancelled just bec for a couple episodes "some of us" cant stand to watch Dair? I dont think so!! @Kasabian: GG definitly is better than 90210 and OTH!!! 90210 is definitely not as juicy and OTH is nothing w/ out peyton and lucas.


Seriously, I don't get the hate for Dair. What is wrong with two witty and smart characters seeing movies together and having funny chat? It is so natural. They didn't jump into bed, like Chuck, Serena or Nate love to do. And not watching the show because of that? Sorry, it is just stupid. There is more than the couples rollercoaster ride. We have amazing NYC scenery, great music, very good acting and fabulous fashion sense. Not to mention characters' arc and development. I feel sorry for Chair fans. But seriously, Derena fans and Serenate fans were in much worse situation. It can't be all about Blair and Chuck. So stop acting like a 12yrold kid and enjoy the show.


Honestly, I get that dair has a fanbase, but not everybody (far from it) is ok with dair. I know I am not watching until their arc is not over, either are two of my friends. And look at the online buzz. GG used to have so much more buzz. I know a lot of people who just stopped posting because they are annoyed with DB. I don't think dair is the only reason the ratings are down, isolating Chuck and Serena with guest stars to make DB happening is helping too.


A lot of reviews (if you want, I can bring the links) also said that they don't like dair and that the show is awful right now. Also, some reviews really said Dair is great, but also said they dont want them to hook up.
About ratings, well, it's clear Dair isnt "saving" the show like some people said they would.


Kimmie Actually I think everybody knows that Serena and Dan were the base of the show. That is why it became so popular. Then a lot of Dan/Serena fans left the show (see the drop between S2 and S3, it was huge 0.5M) and Chair got all the attention (see the increase only in demo, I guess W around 18). Gossip Girl still looks better than 90210 and OTH, so nothing has changed at all, excluding the fact that all tv shows have lost large numbers lately (Castle, The Cape, HIMYM, Chuck and so on) As for Dair, read the reviews. 99% reviews said that Dair is the best thing that has happen to GG recently. You can't deny it, the writing is very good and Penn and Lei are pretty amazing.

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