Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 249

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Welcome to the 249th Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest at TV Fanatic!

Your Caption Contest winner this week is dibdab. Congratulations!

Honorable mentions go out to Susan and Lois Lane. Thanks to everyone for playing and best of luck again next time in the Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest!


Meredith: Look at me, this is my impression of the chief!
Cristina: Are you sure Derek gave you a hormone shot?

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oh meridith wake up


yang: mer you are trying to go for chief resident. you have this eww all over you omg what were you and derek doing come on spill the the beans. meridith: well i would tell you butt iiiii can't omg is that what is that what i think it on ur sleeve chocolate. wow thought i got that all off last night.. well got to go people to help things to patch. yang: ooooooo come on meridith... she always has more fun than i do why is that......{walking away now}

Maddi van maanen

Christina: You have tick on your neck


Yang: Hold still you have lipstick on your collar? Does Derek know about your affair with Arizona?
Merideth: Yeeaah, but he just wants to get in the middle of it.
Yang: Literally
Merideth: Seriously
Yang: Serriioouussly


Mer: "Ow... ow!"
Cristina: "Oh.. am I hurting you?"
Mer: "No.. you're touching me.."
Cristina: "Heal with love remember?"


Does this count as hugging?!


Cristina: How are you going to look after a baby, you didn't wash your neck this morning.
Meredith: Ouch


Cris: Letting air out of your neck valve will make your boobs less perky Meredith: Derek thinks it's the hormones he's giving me. Please don't disillusion him


Christina: I really strike you with that godmotherhood, Meredith!


Cristina: Is it true that you and Derek did it in the elevator?
Meredith: No! He just gave me an injection.
Cristina: You know... Its very easy for me to hurt you from here...

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