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Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 249

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Welcome to the 249th Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest at TV Fanatic!

Your Caption Contest winner this week is dibdab. Congratulations!

Honorable mentions go out to Susan and Lois Lane. Thanks to everyone for playing and best of luck again next time in the Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest!


Meredith: Look at me, this is my impression of the chief!
Cristina: Are you sure Derek gave you a hormone shot?

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The hormones work faster if you get the shot in your neck, Meredith...


Meredith: Stop trying to literally knock some sense into me!


Cristina: you look peevish because you have such a hostile uterus. For better luck in conceiving I'll pick up a hair from the upper floor- that is corian magic.


Cristina:In the elevator you and Derek were trying to make lemon juice from a lemon that give you life, Meredirh


Christ: Hold still Mer, i need to rub carefully.
Mer: Are you sure this will cure my vision problem?
Christ: Ye, its an old chinese method.


Meredith: there was a bear, there was a hole. The bear fell in the hole. And he died.
*awkward silence*
Meredith: do you find that funny?
Cristina: ummm no.
Meredith: the bear didn't either!
*hits Meredith*


meredith: there was a bear, there was a whole. The bear fell in the hole. And he died.
*awkward silence*
meredith: do you find that funny?
cristina:ummm no
meredith :the bear didn't either!
*hits meredith*


Yang: mer..seriously..u've got lice on your neck..
Mer: oh!gross!take it out now!before i vomit..


Cristina: You've got a little lipstick Meredith: I hate meeting mothers


Aw come on...can't you just clean it off with spit on a my mom!!!!!!