Grey's Anatomy Review: "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)"

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This week's Grey's Anatomy solved some mysteries (i.e. who is Dr. Fields’ love interest going to be?), but also created some new issues (i.e. what is going on with Lexie and Avery?).

Throughout "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)," Meredith demonstrated her ability to relate to Alzheimer’s patients and their families. The Chief decided, however, that he wanted to start a clinical trial to cure diabetes based on research he found in one of her’s mom’s journals.

Richard explained that he would not complete the trial without Meredith, and she ultimately had to choose between Alzheimer’s and diabetes research.

Best Friends on Grey's

Meredith gave the Chief permission to go through with the diabetes trial alone after she decided curing Alzheimer’s was more important to her than continuing her mother’s work.

This plot line emphasized that Meredith really never knew the same woman that the Chief did and is most concerned with keeping others from suffering from the same pain that she faced growing up with a sick mother. 

Mark and Arizona ganged up and tried to keep Callie healthy for the baby. Callie could not resist caffeine and eventually rebelled against Mark and Arizona. The episode ended with the three of them actually getting along in the apartment. 

Do you think that Callie, Arizona, and Mark can maintain this positive dynamic? 

Callie, Owen, and April operated on a patient who tried to be a human slingshot in an attempt to find Internet fame. The patient figured out the error of his ways when Owen told a story about a soldier who was injured trying to save others in combat.

Owen did not have a very large role in this episode, but this was a strong scene. Will he fade into the background or will a new story line thrust him back into the spotlight? 

Thatcher Grey was admitted to the hospital, surprising Lexie and Meredith. Lexie found about his new girlfriend when the girlfriend arrived at the hospital kissed him.

Lex and Dad

Lexie was upset that the girl was her age and acted cruelly toward her. After Meredith told Lexie to let their dad be happy, Lexie and the girlfriend found common ground in caring for Thatcher. Lexie has had her share of problems lately. Hopefully, things will start looking up for her.

In other Lexie news, Mark bribed Avery with surgeries to get him to spy on Lexie and find out why she was so upset. Avery successfully got Lexie to spill her guts in exchange for candy. 

She admitted to being upset that Mark is having a baby and leaving her behind without consulting her. She also said that she missed Mark but that the relationship had to end since Mark had messed up for the second time.

Avery told Mark that he could not get any information from Lexie, but Mark still let him scrub in. Avery seemed to have a real connection with Lexie. At the end of the episode, Avery asked Lexie out informally, and she said yes.

Avery and Mark clearly both want to be with Lexie. If Avery had told Mark what Lexie had said to him, do you think that Mark could have fixed things with her? Did it make you like Mark any less that he abused his power to get Avery to spy on Lexie? 

Mark clearly will not be happy if he finds out that Avery and Lexie are spending time together. Who do you think Lexie is going to end up with?

Finally, Alex and Dr. Fields got off to a rocky start when he used offensive language to describe a baby that was a candidate for organ donation.

Dr. Fields had Alex removed from the transplant case and made Alex feel insensitive for not thinking about the mother who birthed the injured baby.

Dr. Fields later saw another side of Alex when he insisted on staying with the recovering baby in the NICU. Alex and Dr. Fields ended up in an elevator, and she refused to go out with him. It seems like the writers are setting up a future relationship.

Do you think they have good chemistry? Did you like the episode overall? Browse some of the night's best Grey's Anatomy quotes and comment below!

Lexie: You're not his family! You're his midlife crisis! | permalink
Mark: Peanut butter cups. She's a stress eater. You get her eating, you get her talking. She loves peanut butter cups. | permalink
Alex: I thought I knew all of the nurses on this floor. How did I miss you? | permalink
Mark: That goo looks great. I say stick with the goo. | permalink
Meredith: One of the hardest lessons as a doctor is learning to prioritize. We're trained to do all we can to save life and limb, but, if cutting off a limb, means saving a life, we learn to do it without hesitation. It's not an easy lesson to learn, and it always comes down to one question, "what are the stakes?" What do we stand to gain or lose? At the end of the day, we're just gamblers trying not to bet the farm. | permalink
Cristina: If you continue to whine about how you can't decide which groundbreaking medical advancement to put your name on, I'll punch you in the ear. | permalink
Cristina: It's Sophie's choice.
Meredith: It's Sophie's choice?
Lexie: I've never seen that movie.
Cristina: Well, you should. It's really funny. | permalink
Callie: Kepner, I need you to speak differently.
April: I'm sorry.
Callie: It's your voice. It's a little um—just speak differently.
April: Like with an accent? | permalink
Cristina: There's no way she's twenty. She's gotta be like 26, 27.
Lexie: I'm 27.
Cristina: Oh. Gross. | permalink
Teddy: For someone who has a history of ambivalence towards motherhood, you got the whole guilt thing down cold. | permalink
Cristina: You're the one who needs to keep his mouth shut, cabbage patch. | permalink
Lexie: That's what happens when your boyfriend's an old man. Old men get cancer. | permalink
Lexie: I never really got it before, but this is how he operates. He starts up new families, stops talking to the old ones. He'll go off marry Dani the tattooed lady, have six little mid-life crisis babies, and I'll never hear from him again. It's exactly what he did to you. | permalink
Chief: She didn't give you a lot of love, but she gave you her talent and her name and this. | permalink
Lexie: Crap, my dad's tatted up skank isn't the bitch. I am. | permalink
Meredith: I think it's right that you continue her work, but I just really want to cure her disease. | permalink
Meredith: Surgery is a high stakes game. But no matter how high the stakes, sooner or later, you're just going to have to go with your gut, and, maybe just maybe, that'll take you right where you were meant to be in the first place. | permalink


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Btw I've been in love & I had my heart broken too, I didn't jump in beds with my friends 'coz it hurts like hell & it was the last thing on my mind. I know everyone is different & maybe Calls wanted to fix it with sex ( even though she's old enough to know better), but goodness me Mark shouldn't have done what he's done 'coz Calls was at her lowest & vulnerable.I agree with DG.


Laura COMPLETELY agree with you over Mer's decission to stick with Alz she didn't do this for herself she didn't do this for her husband she is doing it for her mother and the fact that she realized what she wanted to do seeing someone else's mother suffering with i, suffering to the mother daughter patient that came in towards the end, that in itself says it all I am mad at whoever who wrote this review because by saying all that crap he or she is taking away the tremendous growth Mer has had and not just growth they are taking away the deep rooted love she feels for her mother Also in the writer's blog this week the writer talked crap about Mer being happy for Thach and his PYT coz it meant she wldnt hav to be there for him when he had his kidney stones removed OMG i felt like banging that writer's head He freaking wrote the epi the story line that very scene where Meredith for the first time called herself as "HIS KID" she for the first time accepted her father and was genuinely actually TRULY happy that he has someone who makes him happy and the writer by stating that crap took all of this away from Mer Argh MEREDITH GREY is a woman of utter substance and this episode proved it Adored her and her emotional growth her ability to forgive accept and LOVE inspite of everything she loves her mother and inspite of everything she has accepted Thacher for what he is and she openly declared to Lex that she loves her Thats what Meredith Grey is and as for more hot merder scenes lol hot or cold i dnt care i just want MORE merder and u wld have to agree there hs been a serious dearth of them Want more MD and definitely much more Derek


The thing is of course 'happy ever after' is great but boring. I just want things to be more realistic between people & C/A/M triangle just isn't or at least it doesn't feel like it.Plus Mark's been on top of Calls & Az is so very annoying.He's just suffocating & if Shonda or whoever writes the scripts do not intend to piss gay people off, hmmm...they are doing a pretty good job to do just that - to piss them off. I hope Mark is gonna be paired up with someone & soon.I used to like the man, what is happening to him?.. go on Mark shag somebody already & don't be shy about it. Give girls some breathing space!


@Laura I'm sorry but I have to disagree. Just because two people have aching wombs, does not mean its a good idea to have a child together. I shall list the many reasons. Firstly, they are not in a relationship, if they were then it would be a completely different story. Secondly, they are both immature boundary-less children themselves who claim to love other people yet don't have a problem jumping each other. Gross. I'm sorry but BFF's don't do that to each other. I would think that my bff has enough respect for me to know what's in my best interest and not take advantage when I'm at my lowest and begging for sex. That being said, I would never regress like Callie has either. Has she not learned anything from the Erica debacle? Thirdly, it is not the baby but how it has come about. Callie slept with Mark, the one person that AZ had always been insecure about. Yes, yes they were broken up but that doesn't mean it hurt any less. Not only has AZ has to deal with the sorbet but be constantly reminded of it. And lastly, even if Shonda wasn't intending on pissing off the gay/lesbian community, it is the way this sl is coming off. I am not gay but I can certainly understand where they are coming from. This is in no way a win-win situation. Mark has lost Lexie, Callie has become the queen of selfishness and AZ has become a lobotomized, stepford wife. At this point, Calzona is looking more dead and buried as Shonda continues to promote her awful version of the Brady Bunch. The characters have been twisted beyond belief to accommodate this lame excuse for a modern family. The only person I see winning is Callie. She is getting everything she wanted, the baby, the gf & the bff without any consequences.


I don't think the Callie-Arizona-Mark storyline is meant to piss off lesbians/gays or bad storywriting necessarily. Callie wanted a baby. Mark wanted a baby. Callie and Arizona want to be together, Arizona in the finale of last season agreed to having babies. Callie is now having a baby and Mark gets a baby too! Win-win all round, end of. I don't think, like this review suggests that Meredith chose the Alzheimer's cure because of what she suffered growing up or because she didn't want to connect to her mother. She obviously found the choice difficult, but in the end she said her mother was writing everything down because she was scared and so she wants to cure her mother's disease. That implies a more mature line of thought and that she is doing this for her mother, not for herself. Everyone seems to be whining about the season and how it's going, yet it's not yours to decide how it goes! If it was I'm sure it would be a lot less interesting... everyone would just be happily ever after and there would be nothing to watch! There are a lot of characters in this show and the writer's need to address them all well and develop storylines without rushing them just to include other characters, so obviously some characters will take the back bench at times. For example, yes in tis particular episode there was little of Cristina BUT, she previously had a storyline focused on her PTSD! And those that want steamy mer/der scenes... this isn't porn!


ok so i didnt hate this episode but couldnt enjoy it lacked a lot from cris or derek and even alex to make it enjoyable im getting really angry as many of you with the hole callie arizona mark storyline...mainly cause its getting way too much screentime and its stupid i cant see it going anywhere i mean i used to like callie in season 5 and 6 but now i went back to the point where i cant stand her...sure she is pregnant and stuff but she acts like she is just a poor victim and that because she is pregnant everyone has to stand her and she has to get her way in everything she wants and noone can get mad at her or tell her anything...and its even more irritating that arizona and mark are fine with this and especially arizona treating her like a princess and humillating herself in a way that its just unrealistic for her character and stupid and even mark...its his baby and everything but he is spending too much time with callie ang giving her everything she asks for...once upon a time he used to have balls and be he is becoming more and more pathetic...the storyline i enjoyed the most was lexies just because it was the most realistic one in the episode i mean sure she acted like a child and everything but her reactions were perfectly understandable she was mad with the mark stuff and besides she had to stand her father behaving like a teenager thats hard for any daughter especially when she cares so much about her dad and is so protective of him thats why i was a little angry when mer told her to grow up cause i think she is acting really mature and has grown up a lot this season...unlikely many other characters in the show...i even liked her scenes with avery he was sweet with her and if mark cant be man enough to fight for her and stop acting as callies servant then she should be with someone else avery or any other guy that isnt as childish and clueless as mark is...liked the merder storyline but i wish they had more screentime together they are by far more interesting being an ordinary couple than callie mark and arizona in that stupid triangle...and i want alex medical storylines in which he can be badass i dont want him hooking up with anyone and much less with this doctor he needs to be with izzie and if shes not there then at least with a more interesting character than dr.fields...more bailey and chief please!! there are more than only three main characters in this show...


I like the ending where Mer told Derek she chosed him and he was excited..Love them both =)
I'm sad that Lexie and Mark couldn't repair things between them.


@Boston#1. OMG, are you a mind reader or what? You've said exactly what I was thinking about the whole hideous baby story line.I have lots of gay friends & they are mostly just utterly astounded by the whole baby thing & the effing Bermuda triangle.Az become such a Stepford's wife it's scary. I can tell you, this is not gonna last, I sure hope not.I hope it'll blow up one way or another, anything would be better than this totally disturbing story line. ..& I totally agree about the Africa thing too, Az could have gone there to study for a few weeks or whatever, Shonda didn't need to show Az in such a bad light, what happened with 'a good man in the storm?' statement then? Calls should grow up & stop pouting like a 15 year old, it's not cute it's irritating to say the least...& Mark massaging her feet in front of Az, seriously?..what he's gonna massage next? Please pretty please make Mark go away, disappear, get a transfer somewhere else, get abducted by someone even by aliens, fall under a bus the possibilities are limitless, just make him stay the hell away from Az & Callie. Phew, the rant is over.


Word to Boston#1 you hit it right on the head. I am not gay but I do have many lesbian friend and gay friend, they stop watching Grey's because of this storyline. Gays and Lesbian are poorly represented on TV and when they do get to be represented they are presented in the way that now Grey's are representing them with the Callie/Arizona/Mark baby storyline which is lazy writing and a total assignation of characters. It is unfair to them.


@Bee I can't speak for everyone, especially not straight people (some of whom are just wigged out by same-sex relationships), but as I stated below, it's a bad representation of same-sex couples. It's a stereotype that two woman can't have an adult and committed relationship with each other without a man. Yes, having kids require sperm, either through a donor or via adopting a child. But that does not mean a man needs to be involved in their lives in that way. The stereotype is that they do. That's what gets to me. Did you see "The Kids Are All Right"? If you did, part of the point was that here are two women being parents, and the sperm donor dad ends up being a way in which he thinks he's the parent. Annette Benning's character's speech at the end explain quite well how he is not the parent. Grey's is a little different in that Mark is already a person in their lives. And that's what makes this such a bad SL (among other reasons). It reinforces that stereotype that Annette Benning's character puts right. The Arizona going to Africa SL was also poorly written and out of left field. There were many ways in which they could have dealth with JCap's pregnancy that didn't involve character assassination. Arizona, Callie and Mark are, to varying extents, experiencing character assassinations, which is another reason why I hate the SL. The main point being that while to a certain extent, Arizona and Callie are back together, they really are not, and never will be now, unless that baby dies. The SL has been poorly written with respect to the characters involved and who they are, and it reinforces bad stereotypes that both me and other LGBTQIA people have to deal with and try to, hopefully, let die. As a very popular show, Grey's is not doing us really any favors with the way this SL has gone.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Episode 14 Quotes

Surgery is a high stakes game. But no matter how high the stakes, sooner or later, you're just going to have to go with your gut, and, maybe just maybe, that'll take you right where you were meant to be in the first place.


No matter how high the stakes, sooner or later you're just gonna have to go with your gut. And maybe, just maybe, that'll take you right where you were supposed to be.

Meredith (voice over)

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